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How To Get To Know Your College Roommate 

Your college roommate is one of the first new persons you would ever meet in your college life. For some, they become the perfect friends that they are able to help each other go through college. However, there are some who do not have a good relationship with their roommates, which is a bit awkward given that you share the same space with them for a period of time. 

So how do you get past that barrier and become friends with your roommate? Here are some tips you can follow on how you can get to know your college roommate.

Know The Right Questions

Oftentimes, people get on the wrong foot of each other because of the kind of questions they ask. Rather than asking too personal questions on the first bat, why not start it with a question that would sort of break the ice. You can ask, “Are you a morning person or a night owl?” 

You can even ask from what high school they came from or their hometown. Usually, this would help you get at ease with one another. 

What you want to avoid is to have that conflict in your first conversation. 

Listen To What They Are Saying

When having a conversation with them, listen to what they say. Avoid making it a one-way conversation by doing all the talking and just discussing things about yourself. Remember, this is about getting to know your roommate. How would you know them if you don’t let them share it with you? 

Also, hearing is different from listening. Show that you are sincere in getting to know them. 

Do not do it just because you have to, but rather because you want to. 

Show Your Respect

People have different characteristics, religions, and cultures. If you feel that your roommate has a different belief than you do, just respect it. 

You are not there to look for enemies.  You enrolled because you want to improve your knowledge and make connections. Trying to argue on your personal beliefs usually does not end well. However, if it does bother you, you can calmly approach them and explain your side. Hear their side as well and see if you could both compromise with one another.

Fix Both Your Space Together 

Try to create your room as a conducive environment for both of you. Share your ideas and use this time as your bonding moment. You can create designs together, arrange your cabinets and do whatever suits you. You may find something similar to the both of you, and this could lead to a good friendship.

Explore The New Environment Together

Living in a new place can sometimes be daunting. The only way to be comfortable is to familiarize yourself with the place, and what better way to do it than spend it with your roommate. 

Try going out and discovering new places. Do activities together. Not only would it be safer but at the same time, you will be able to get along and learn new things with each other.

Just Be Yourself

When trying to know your roommate, don’t try to be someone else just so you can please them. Be yourself. 

If you dislike something, it is better to let them know rather than pretend that you like it then do the opposite when they are not around. 

Remember, you are trying to build trust with one another, so you might as well be true. If you two don’t jive, then at least you already know it from the get-go.

Just Take It Slow

Do not try to rush things. Yes, we mentioned that you have to be true to yourself but try to avoid disclosing too much information at first. 

When you are excited, there’s a possibility that you might overshare things with your new roommate, and they might find this awkward. Don’t try to be the best of friends in the first five minutes of your meeting. You have a long time to spend together, so just take your time and let the friendship grow naturally.

Having a good relationship with your roommate could help you go through college. College life is tough, no doubt about it. So it would be a good idea if you have someone there to support you who will always be at your side and vice versa.

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