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How To Get Enough Sleep Every Night, College Guide 

It is very common for college students to have sleep deprivation. They have to juggle multiple things such as their class, exams, homework, and other extracurricular activities. Doing all of these things at the same time usually results in students doing long nights, which of course means less time for sleeping. 

Some may say that as long as they are able to accomplish their tasks, then all is good. What they don’t realize is that having less sleeping hours can do more harm than good. It will have a big impact on their health not to mention affect their learning ability. 

The Magic Number

So the question is, how much sleeping hours do you need? You often hear people say that eight hours is enough. Some even say more. The reason for this is that sleeping hours depend on your age. As college students, you should be getting somewhere between seven to nine hours of sleep. This way, you would be able to properly rest and recuperate your body.

What Do You Get From Sleeping Early?

Better Mental Health

As a college student, there are tons of information being fed into your brain. This information is better absorbed during your sleep. When you sleep, your brain can properly process which information it should disregard and which one it should retain. When you sleep, you stop gathering information therefore giving your brain enough time to sort out everything you need. 

Better Academic Performance

If your brain can retain more information, it would result in you being able to participate and perform well in your classes and school activities. Having a good night’s rest also allows you to have enough energy to last the whole day without feeling tired and lazy. Think of it as your cell phone, the longer you charge, the more time you are able to use it.

Good Health Benefits

Sleeping properly not only helps you perform well on your acads but also has great health benefits. For starters, it improves your immune system which helps you from getting sick easily.

When you sleep, your body releases a kind of protein called cytokines. These proteins are what you use as antibodies during an infection. Better sleeping habits also allow you to recover more quickly when you get the flu or colds. Having a proper sleeping schedule also helps in keeping your body weight in check. 

When you sleep less, your body produces ghrelin or what they call ”hunger hormone”. It triggers your appetite which is the reason why you crave more food. On the other hand, sleeping longer allows your body to produce leptins which are the hormones responsible for curbing your appetite.

Better Mental Well Being

Haven’t you noticed that when you sleep late you often feel sluggish or sometimes irritable. Or you either feel sad and moody. This is because sleep deprivation can cause mood disorders. In severe cases, lack of sleep results in a person having anxiety and depression which is something one should be worried about. 

Improves Body Coordination

Sleeping properly also helps you become more alert and coordinated. According to the study of the National Center for Biotechnology Information, 16% of 1039 surveyed students admitted to drowsy driving and 2% said they got involved in a vehicular accident because of sleep deprivation. If you are engaged in sports or any athletic activity, proper sleeping habits would help you perform better during this activity.

Now you understand what benefits you get from getting enough sleep. Here is how you get them.

Turn Off All Electronic Device

Yes, you read that right. We know it’s hard, but to get a good night’s rest, you should stop using electronic devices for at least an hour before going to bed. 

According to studies conducted by various sleep specialists, the blue light emitted from electronics tricks your brain into thinking that it is daytime. This decreases the melatonin which is responsible for making it more difficult to sleep. This goes with televisions as well.

Set a Regular Sleeping Habit

Each and one of us has what we call a body clock. Just like a regular clock, for it to perform properly, one should set it accordingly depending on the place where you are at. The same goes with your body. You need to set a specific schedule wherein you have to set what time you need to sleep in order to get the proper number of sleeping hours. This would allow your body to have a proper functioning body clock.

Create A Conducive Sleeping Area

Having a proper sleeping area can make a big difference when it comes to getting proper sleep. Separate your study area from your sleeping area. In that way, your body can prepare for a quality good night’s sleep and it also allows your brain to automatically associate your sleeping area as a place to rest. 

Consult the Experts

For those who have severe cases of sleep disorders, it is better to consult a doctor to discuss whether you need special medications to help you put in sleep. They could provide you with the proper medicine which helps improve your sleep cycle. There are supplements with magnesium, calcium, and melatonin for those who prefer a more natural approach. Either way, it is better to consult experts as they would know which is best suited for you.

So remember, give your body a break and sleep longer hours. Try it and you’ll feel more energetic and revitalized the day after.

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