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How To Get A Good Credit Score Even While You Are In College 

As you read different articles about College life, you would often find lessons on how to get a job, or how to ace an exam. But have you ever thought of learning how you can build credit as early as now?  

You see, having good credit as early as possible can have its benefits. You can purchase major items even at an early age. And that’s a good thing so you can already have investments. The question now is, how are you going to do that?   

Here are a few practical tips that can help you.  

Pay Your Student Loans On Time  

If you do not have a credit card yet you want to build your credit, there’s no need to worry. You can start by borrowing money that you need for school, and paying it on time.  

Now, there might be cases that you need multiple student loans. What we recommend is that you consolidate all of these. From there, you can even get a better interest rate and you can pay easily. Not to mention, you will reduce the number of loans with outstanding balances, making your credit score good.  

Ask If You Can Be An Authorized User On A Family’s Credit Card  

Just in case you don’t want to open your own credit card, there’s another solution for it. You can ask your parents to make you or add you as an authorized user of their cards. This means, you will have the card under your name.  

If you use your card properly, that can boost your score. Take note, though, that not all credit bureaus report authorized user accounts.  

Choose The Right Credit Card  

But if you wish to get your own credit card, it is essential that you know which type is perfect for your needs. There is the student credit card, which you also need to show proof of income. But if you are not working just yet, you might want to consider a secured credit card. What you need is to secure a cash deposit as collateral.  

When you get this type of card and you are not able to pay your dues on time, the card issuer will get it from your deposit. This makes a regular payment possible and will look good on your credit.  

Talk To Your Current Bank  

If in case you have an existing account at a particular bank, we recommend that you apply for a card there. You have a higher chance of getting approved as well. Just make sure that you have established a good history with the bank.  

Standard Credit Card  

If you are capable and you already have a steady inflow of cash, then we suggest that you get a standard credit card. You will have a higher credit limit and they even have amazing rewards programs. As a rule of thumb, find a card that offers the following:  

  • Low interest rates  
  • No annual fees  
  • Clear billing policies 

Use Your Card Within Your Means  

When you already have your credit card, this doesn’t give you a license to buy designer bags and all other things that we consider luxuries. Stick with the essentials such as groceries and gas. This will ensure that you are not overspending, and that you can pay off all your balances on time.  

Do Not Close Your Account  

Just in case you are not using your credit card often, we do not recommend that you close it. The longer you keep it opened, the more benefits you can get from it. If you close it, that could even shorten your credit history and could lower your score.  

Apply For One Card At A Time  

There’s no need to apply for multiple credit cards. Since you are only a student, it’s unlikely that you need a high limit. Also, remember that new credit inquiries can make up 10% of your score. 

Include Your Rental Payments To Improve Credit Score  

Generally, paying your rent will not be reflected on your credit. But you can change that if you work with service providers such as PayLease and Rent Track. With them, you can build your credit history.  

It’s always a good thing that you consider your credit score even if you don’t need it right away. Trust us, you will thank us later.  

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