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How To Find The Right Place To Study In College 

They say that for you to better understand what you are studying, you need to have an environment conducive to learning. Each student has different preferences when it comes to their studying location. For some, they prefer peace and quiet and a place where they could be alone. In contrast, others would like it to have a bit of movement and background noise around them. 

Whatever choice you have, one thing should be the common denominator. It has to be free from any distraction. Here are some tips on how you can find the right place to study in college.

Know Your Study Preference

Before trying to select that perfect spot, you need to understand your study habit first. You need to know what are the things that distract you. 

Are you keen on studying without any background noise? 

Once you know yourself, it is easier for you to choose your study spot as you would already have an idea of what you want. Also, it is good if you try to reassess yourself every now and then to check whether the spot you chose is making you more productive.

Create a Regular Routine

You must establish a proper study routine. You need to allot a specific time and place where you study. This would help your body adjust so when the time comes that you already have to study, your body and mind are already prepared for it. 

Find A Comfortable Place 

Have you ever tried studying in a place where it is very uncomfortable either because there is too much noise, your position is awkward, or the temperature is just too much to handle? It is hard, right?

It is because your body and mind are focused on the discomfort you are experiencing rather than the topic you are trying to learn. Choose a place wherein you are comfortable but not to the extent that you will fall asleep. Find a well-lit area as it is challenging to study in a poorly lit environment. 

Create Your Personal Study Rules

Having a set of rules would help you keep motivated and organized. Whether it is setting a specific time for studying or a scheduled topic to learn, it is all up to you. 

What is important is that you follow them and you try to hit your study goals every single time. 

If you try and keep up with your rules, you would be surprised to see that you have already established a proper study habit. 

Study Place Options

There are different areas where you can study. Each differs from one another. They have their own pros and cons, so it is up to you to decide which is the best place for you.

The Library

This place is quite obvious as it is designed to allow students to study. It is quiet with enough lighting to work on. They also have all the references you would need for your study. Though for some, the place is “too quiet” for them to study. If you love peace and quiet and prefer having tons of books by your side, then this is the place for you.

Coffee Shops

Today, you would often find students studying in coffee shops. Not only do they have subtle background music and comfortable chairs, but you can also have easy access with your choice of caffeinated drinks. The downside with this is that you have to pay to gain access, and at certain times, the place gets too busy, which might cause a distraction to some.

The Bedroom

It is free, and there are no other people to bother you (assuming that you don’t share it with anyone). You can also arrange it the way you like it, and there is no need to travel. The cons in using this place for studying is it is too close to your bed, making you feel sleepy. As this is your personal space, there are also lots of things that might distract you.

There is no single perfect spot to study. It all depends on your personal preference and study habits.  Choose the right place that will suit you well, and if you feel that it is not working for you, you can always find a better spot.

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