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How to Find Homework Help on Campus. A Student Survival Guide

Just because you’ve made it into college does not mean that you have all the answers for how to do your homework correctly. Many students struggle with course assignments because they are not used to the level or intensity of college work. However, there are several resources you can tap for homework help when needed.


First, talk to the instructors of any courses where you are struggling. You may just need clarity on the readings or lectures before tackling the homework assignments. An instructor might have tips for concept mastery based on years of experience and prior students’ questions. Being honest about your uncertainty is a good thing because it lets the instructor know that you are a conscientious student and want to do a good job.


Email your classmates or connect on social media to let them know you have questions. Chances are some are also puzzled or unsure about the homework requirements. Unless you’re required to work independently, exchange ideas and information about the work that is in question. Sometimes a classmate will understand a lecture in a different way than you did and can help to explain key points.

Your Dorm

If you live in a dorm on campus or another type of student housing off campus, ask your roommates if they have taken the class you are struggling with. Someone who has successfully completed the coursework might be able to offer advice or help you study. If no one has, they might know of other students, like a friend or relative, to recommend who could possibly help.

Study Groups

Find out if there are study groups for this course that meet on campus. Even if the students are enrolled in a different section of the course, they may welcome you so that everyone can help each other to better understand the material. If you can’t find an existing group, consider starting one by reserving a campus study room and promoting the group via social media. You could also ask the professor to announce the study group to the class and share the information who colleagues who teach other sections of the course.

Learning Center Resources

The campus learning center often houses resources like study guides, audio recordings, and instructional videos. These may be based on past lectures or other campuses that teach a similar course, or they could be guideline videos specifically designed to help students in this type of class. The library might also keep a resource file for this course or all campus courses where instructors reserve supplemental material to help students master the course concepts.


The learning center usually provides tutorial assistance at no charge. Sometimes a tutor is also available online. Check the tutor’s availability at the learning center website and schedule an appointment in person or online. You may also be able to hire a personal tutor if you need additional help beyond what a campus tutor can provide.

Don’t give up on a course because you are having trouble doing the homework. Help is available if you know where to look. Ask around for homework help in challenging courses.


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