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How To Efficiently Organize Your Google Drive Files

How To Efficiently Organize Your Google Drive Files 

Back in the day, to save a file from your computer, you needed to have physical hardware to do it. First, it was a floppy disk, which probably, for most of you, are ancient artifacts. Next was the introduction of hard disks. It’s more compact and easier to carry around. But the problem with these two is that the memory is too small that you are limited to how much you can save. 

Then came out the USB drive. The good thing about this is that it is so compact that you can fit it in your pocket without even noticing it is there. Plus, with the larger memory capacity, you can store bigger files such as songs and movies. As the years go by, larger storage devices are made, such as the external hard drive. The thing is, there is still something in common about all of these. It still involves hardware.

Now, there is an easier way to store your files, and that is through Google Drive. It allows you to save your file and access it anywhere with any device as long as you know your username account and password. 

You can even edit your files on the fly. As a college student, this is handy for you as you can store your notes there and share them with your friends hassle-free. The only problem people encounter is that sometimes, there are just too many files saved on it that it gets crowded. This article is about teaching you how to efficiently organize your Google drive files.

Name Your Files Consistently 

To make things easier to organize, try naming your files consistently. Try to keep it short and simple. This would allow you to easily identify your file in a given group.

There is no certain rule on how to do this as it will be based on your own personal preference. The key here is being consistent. Trying to name your file with different versions is tedious when trying to remember what to find. Choose a system that works for you and maintain doing it.

Create Folders and Subfolders

Remember those times where things were stored in a filing cabinet? Each drawer has folders that are either arranged chronologically or based on specific subjects. The same principle applies to your Google drive. 

By creating a folder, you can then organize your files based on the main subject. Then you can create subfolders to further arrange based on specific details. To create a folder, click the “New” button and then select “Folder.” To create a subfolder, click on the main folder first, then press “New” and create the folder again.

Input Descriptions In Your Folders

If you are really keen into organizing your files, you can also put a detailed description of your folder. It can be done by clicking the folder then select “View Details” on the upper right portion of the page. This is where you can add more information or indicate notes.

Organize Your Files By Semester

Your files will be easier to search if you organize them based on the semester you uploaded it. This way, every file you did for that specific semester would then be compiled in one folder. You can even do it by school year if you want to. The point here is to organize your files in such a way that it is grouped based on a common factor.

Add Files In Multiple Folders By Using Tags

Sometimes you may find it hard on where you would like to save your file. What you can do is add the file to multiple folders. 

You don’t need to make copies of it as you can just use the folders as tags for easy searching. To do this, click on the file, then press “Shift+Z.” A pop-up will appear, and then just click on “add file to another folder.” Now your file would be more searchable.

Organizing your file has many benefits. It saves you time and helps you be more productive by allowing you to work more efficiently. Declutter your Google drive, and it would help make your studies and college life more manageable.

In summary, have a system in place and use it all the time. Soon enough, it would be easier for you to organize your files. 

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