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How to Effectively Study with a Group

Some students are comfortable studying alone. It gives them more time to focus and to reflect. However, we also encourage you to try studying with a group as it also has its merits. You get to be more motivated, the group can cover more topics, and of course, you do not feel isolated. 

Take note though that having a study group is not rainbows and butterflies. It could be challenging as well if not appropriately planned. And so we would like to share with you how to effectively hold study groups and be able to get the best grades. 

Choose Your Study Group Members

The success of your group heavily relies on the members. Each of you must show commitment. What you can do is to be observant in your class. See which of your classmates are attentive with the lessons and are active during recitation. Don’t forget to approach them and see if they are interested. Likewise, you can reach out to your professors and ask if you can make a subtle announcement about your plan to come up with a study group. Leave your contact details as well. 

Experts recommend building a group of 3 – 6 members. 

Create a Study Format

The last thing you would want to happen in your group study is to have chaos while discussing your lessons. At the onset, you must create a study format. But of course, ask your group mates about their suggestions. See how they want your sessions to look like. What will be your agenda? Do you need to assign a facilitator? What are the usual activities you have to conduct? 

We recommend having a group chat where you can keep everyone updated. You can also throw questions before your actual session. This way, everyone could prepare and get more value when studying. 

Delegate Topics

One of the core reasons for studying in a group is to cover as many topics. Doing it on your own can be overwhelming. Hence, it’s better if you and your group members delegate specific topics. Research on that more and share what you’ve learned with the team. This is not to say that you have to eliminate reading other lessons as well. The keyword here is focus.  

Choose the Best Location for Studying  

In one of our articles, we’ve shared the best places where you can study. It could be the library, an empty classroom, or even the school grounds. The lesser distraction, the better. If your groupmates have suggestions, take that into consideration. Perhaps, they know some hidden gems around the area. 

Schedule Your Study Group Sessions

Your study sessions do not have to be every day, unless you are all preparing for a big exam. On average, you should schedule it once a week. It should be enough for you to gather data and share insights with the group. This takes us to the next tip.  

Always Prepare Before the Sessions 

Your level of commitment can also be seen from how well you prepare before your group study. Whenever a topic is delegated to you, have an effort to read more materials. Have a deeper understanding of the subject and be generous in sharing these with them. 

In addition, write areas where you are having challenges with. Either one of the members knows the answer, or everyone could pitch in and do their own research. 

Talk to Your Professors

In most cases, professors are willing to provide materials that can help those interested in learning more. You can reach out to them and ask if there are specific areas your study group can focus on. 

Do Not Monopolize the Discussion

Normally, there is someone who has a dominating personality in the group. But that doesn’t mean they should monopolize the discussion. Always allow everyone to speak. We encourage you to assign a member to be the timer. Allot specific minutes for your members to speak. That way, you can maximize the session and be able to organize the discussion well.   

Resolve Issues Right Away 

At some point, there will be misunderstandings. But as college students, you must resolve your issues like adults. Work on it right away and, learn how to agree to disagree. Your conversation does not have to be a conflict.

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