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How To Effectively Live Inside Your Car During College?

There are a lot of reasons why people including college students live in their car. It may be a personal, financial or it could just even be something you are itching to do just for the experience. Whatever the reason may be, there is nothing wrong with it. Think of it as a small version of a mobile home. If you are planning to use your car as your own personal residence, or if you are currently doing so, here are some tips on how you can effectively live in it.

Choose The Right Vehicle

If you are just in the market for a proper vehicle to turn into your home, it is better to opt for something bigger like a van. This would give enough room to comfortably move around, or lay down. Plus you have more options on how you can organize your things. 

Now, if a van is not in the option, you can still find a way to work around that small space.You can find a small mattress that would fit in your car or you can have one of those thick comforters to serve as a replacement. This would provide a more comfortable sleeping position for you compared to just laying on the back seat which may cause back pain issues.

Safety First

When living in your car it is always a good idea to park it somewhere safe. Avoid abandoned spaces as it would be hard for you to call for help if an emergency arises. Better keep it within your community college as it is safer compared to places outside the area.  You’ll never know what can happen especially when you are sound asleep at night. 

Keep your doors locked at all times and it is handy if you have something to protect you at hand. Pepper sprays, tasers or anything that can be used as a weapon would be good.

Convert Your Vehicle According to Your Need

If your plan is to live in your car for a while, then it would be a good idea if you try to convert it to something that would suit your needs. You can try to integrate a desk in times when you need to study, or fully convert the back seat and turn it into a bed. Whatever your preference may be, just make sure that it would serve its purpose for you.

You Live In Your Car But Try To Not Look Like One

Yes, you live in a car which is not the norm for everyone, but it does not mean that you don’t have to take care of yourself as well. 

There is no excuse for having proper hygiene. Use your gym to take showers. You may not have your own personal washroom but there are plenty out there where you can groom yourself. 

Try to keep in shape as well. Living in tight spaces for a long period of time without any sort of exercise is bad for your health.

Keep Things Organized In Your Car

Your car is now your humble abode, not your storage space. Try to keep things clean and organized as much as you can. Separate your dirty clothes from the clean ones by using different containers. Plastic bags may be a cheap option but it’s better if you can secure a more permanent solution. You can also use containers to store your things for school. That way, it would be easier for you to find them when you need it.

Keeping Things Cool

Your car may have its own air conditioner but using it every day would cost you a fortune. Try to invest in those portable fans. They are effective plus in some cases, there are fans that charge through solar. Charge it in the morning then use it at night. You can also get sunshades which can serve as blinds to help keep your privacy.

Living in a car may not be to everyone’s liking. Some may have a negative perception about it. At the end of the day it’s all about having ends meet. You can save a lot when you live in a car.  Not to mention, you can have your own personal space. 

It’s not about where you stay. But what is important is that you focus on your studies and find a way to improve your current situation. Who knows, you might be able to afford a bigger car next time. 

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