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How To Decorate A Men’s Dormitory Room

For the longest time, we think that a guy’s room should be plain – and dirty. But things have changed, and amidst all the boyish stuff, it could still be organized.

If you want to know the tricks, here’s a quick post. We’ll share with you the tips on how you can make a guy’s dormitory pleasant and awesome to stay at.  

Get Flags or Your Old Shirts  

Most of the time you can’t paint or do anything drastic on your dorm’s wall. But that doesn’t mean it should look plain and extremely simple. A great idea is to hang flags.  This is a cheap way to add spunk into any room. 

Flags from different countries could be good. Or if you are fan of certain teams, that would be awesome as well 

If you don’t want to spend too much, you can just find your well-loved shirts and hang it on your wall.  

Who says you have to spend a lot for it? You just need to be creative and resourceful.  

Printed Beddings  

Even if you are a neat freak, it is possible that your beddings might get stains. Instead of getting a new one, we recommend using printed beddings so that it will be less visible. Most guys would choose stripes or dark-colored sheets. That’s a smart move if you ask us.  

Rope Lights  

Instead of just a normal light, why don’t you add some flavor to your room by installing rope lights? You can line the lights on the perimeter of your room to make it look cool and youthful.  

Desk Lamps  

You could also invest in a good desk lamp. There are many styles to choose from. Stay away from the usual designs and go for the funky ones that can start a conversation. At least with your unique lamp, you will always be eager to do your schoolwork.

Bedside Caddy  

Most of the time, you would see a lot of items lying on the floor, your bed, or your desk. And truth be told, it could be an eyesore. A simple solution to that is to buy a bedside caddy so you can place your gadgets, pens, or other trinkets.  

Unique Pillowcases  

Apart from your bedsheet, getting cool pillowcases can make a difference in your dormitory. Be on the lookout for cases with motivational quotes. Or if you want, get something that is filled with humor. Just make sure it isn’t boring and plain.  

Area Rug  

You can also buy an area rug, most especially if you want to define a space in your dormitory. You see, even if your place is small, rugs can turn it into a more cozy room. Just make sure you will clean it regularly to avoid dust and dirt from piling up.   

Hang A Whiteboard or Corkboard  

Sharing a room with someone? It’s always cool to have a board where you can post reminders. This reminds us of Joey and Chandler in FRIENDS. Its’ traditional yet practical.  

A Cool Trunk  

Most of the time, dormitories have limited closet space. What you can do is buy a trunk so you can have more space for your stuff. We recommend something that is multi-functional where you and your friends could sit down. At least it’s not just taking space, it has another purpose as well.  

Essential Oil Diffuser  

Essential oils aren’t just for ladies. Young men can benefit from it too. Instead of letting your room smell like soiled clothes or pizza, change it to something aromatic. Plus, we all know that essential oils have health benefits too. As college students with busy schedules, that’s something you could take advantage of.  

Mini Fridge  

We know that this is quite an expensive buy, but if you can use it for years and could bring it home after, we recommend that you get one for yourself. At least you always have a cold beverage any time of the day. There’s no need to buy one or to go to the pantry.  

Where To Get Your Room Decorations  

We want you to practice frugality. That means, you should look for practical choices so you can save as much. Instead of spending too much on room decorations, go to stores that offer cheaper options. This includes Amazon and Target. You would be surprised that they have a lot of items to choose from for a fraction of the cost. Just make sure that it is of quality as well. After all, you wouldn’t want to get room decors that will be ruined a few months after.  


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