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How To Create Your Personal Website, College Guide For Branding

You’ve probably read that you have to start branding yourself as early as now. Well, we have to agree. And one of the ways to do it is to build your own website. That way, your potential employers will be able to easily see if you are a good fit for the company. More often than not, they will be impressed that you took things a notch higher. You are not just sending a resume, you are giving them full-blown information about yourself.  

If you don’t know how to build your personal website, here are a few tips that could help you.  

Know Which Platforms To Use  

If you must know, you don’t have to be a professional web designer if you wish to build your own website. There are several platforms where they offer templates. All you have to do is to populate the templates and you are good to go.  

Our favorite platforms are GoDaddy, WordPress, and Wix. These are easy to use and even a non-pro can start building their website.  

Use Fun Photos  

You see, things have changed over the years. If you are to use photos for your websites, this doesn’t have to be rigid and overly professional. If you are naturally funny and a witty person, then your images should show that as well.  

Do you need a professional photographer? If you have friends, then why not?  

However, smartphones nowadays could take impressive shots. If you have friends who can take amazing photos of you, then that should be fine for now. After all, we wouldn’t encourage you to spend too much on your website since you are still studying in college.  

Be Genuine  

The main purpose of branding is that you are showing yourself to your employers or future clients. And with branding comes authenticity. Do not fake it! Again, if you are a light person, then use that to your leverage.  

Don’t be scared that people will not take you seriously. In fact, many people would rather work with someone who’s real and relatable. They would even avoid those who show themselves that they are up there on the pedestal.  

Check Your Copy  

Your content is crucial too. If your web copy or texts are filled with spelling and grammatical errors, such would not sit well with potential clients and employers.  

Before you put your website out there, have someone proofread your content. Most likely, if you are to do it on your own, there will always be that bias and you might not see simple mistakes. However, if you ask someone to do it for you, they have a fresh set of eyes to spot errors.  

Add Videos  

It would also help if you add videos to your personal website. You can introduce yourself from there, or you could show a bit of your life. Only a few college students would be willing to do this. After all, it’s not easy to speak in front of the camera. But if you practice and you always record yourself, then you would realize that it’s not that bad.  

Link To Social Media Accounts  

Also, you might want to add your social media account to your website. That way, people will know that you are not hiding anything.  

But if you plan to do this, make sure to clean up your social media accounts first. Go way WAAAAAY back and see if there are posts that are to be deleted. Do you have crazy pictures that should be in private? Check it all. 

Have A Page For Your Portfolio  

We also recommend that you create a separate page for your portfolio. For example, you are a writer. Then place all the links of your published works in there. If you are a graphic artist, then have the digital formats of your designs. For other professions or line of work, you can always provide case studies.  

Don’t Forget Your Mission And Vision  

You have to think big. Even if you are still in college, you try to create your mission and vision as if you are already a well-established individual or company. Highlight that on your website, and for sure people will be impressed.  

Use The Right Language  

When writing your content or web copy, use a language that works best for your market. That way, it seems that you are talking to them personally. And with that, they will be more excited to know your more.  

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