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How To Cope-Up With Online Classes If You Have Slow Internet

More universities and colleges are shifting their course offerings through a distance learning program. Online classes have become the new normal as the majority of the students are using this method to learn. It is also convenient since you can do it practically anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. 

But what if you have slow internet? Can you still perform these tasks? Luckily there is a way to perform an online class even if you have a slow internet connection. Here are some tips on how you can work your way around it.

Use Ethernet Rather Than Wifi

If you already know that you have slow internet to start with, do not use the wifi connection. Instead, plug your computer directly into your router via ethernet, as this provides a more stable connection. Ensure that nobody else is using your internet or on the wifi during your class, as this usually causes your internet to slow down. The fewer people connected to it, the faster the connection can become.

Turn Off The Camera

Sometimes the simplest things work wonders. The amount of data being downloaded by your device directly affects your internet speed. If you find that your connection is lagging, turn off your video feeds so that your device does not need to consume more data.

Keep Your Open Browser To A Minimum

The more open tabs you have, the more data you need to use. It affects your internet speed in general. That is why when you are in class, ensure that you close down all unnecessary tabs and browsers to lessen the load on your internet connection. 

Use The Call-In Function

It is what’s good about technology today. It has come to the point that it makes life convenient for everyone. If you do not have internet or the connection is slow, you can try and use the call-in function. Most video calling platforms have an option to call in using a phone number. It can allow you to participate in an online class even though you have problems with your connection.

Adjust The Video Quality

If turning off your video is not an option, then you might want to consider adjusting your video resolution. The higher it is, the more data it consumes, which is not advisable for slow internet connections. Adjust it to the lowest setting at 360p. Besides, you do not need high resolution to attend class. 

It goes the same when you try to send a video file. Opt for a lower resolution when creating a video. When saved, the file would be smaller and easier to download and view. Another route you can try is by sending audio files which are smaller than video. Save it as an mp3 before you upload it to your Google drive.

Use Infographics

Remember the time when you have to do a presentation using Microsoft Powerpoint. The same principle can be applied if you are having problems with your internet connection. Visual aids are an excellent way to communicate and send your message across. Videos are not the only means of communicating, you can use images and infographics, and the result is just the same.

Ask Your Professor If You Could Record The Class Session

Another good way to cope with your class is to inform your professor about your situation and ask if they can provide a video recording of the session. It will allow you to watch the video offline, making it easier to understand. Most professors would understand as a slow internet connection is a dilemma experienced by everyone.

Ask For A Transcript

You can also ask your professor if they have a transcript of the lesson. It would allow you to learn and study what has been discussed without downloading any video. Since text files are easier to download, you can treat them as if you are reading a book.

The paradigm shift made everyone adjust the way they do things. Some things are out of control, but it does not mean that there is no way of making things work. Everything has a solution, including a slow internet connection. The question is, how badly do you want to overcome it?

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