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How To Continue Living After Losing A Loved One, College Student Guide  

Losing a loved one is never easy. They say that you can’t fully move on, but rather you just learn to tolerate the pain. If you are in that position right now, then finding this post is no accident. Perhaps, in our own little way, we could help you continue with your life.   

Don’t Ignore The Pain   

They say that the pain will go away if you constantly ignore it. But that’s far from truth. You need to acknowledge the pain and go through that process. That’s how you can properly address it from there. If you want to cry, then do so. It will never be a sign of weakness.   

Write Down Your Routine   

We recommend that you list down all the things you normally did before losing a loved one. This will help you keep on track. If you feel you need to improve or add activities that could help you, then squeeze it in. Maybe you’ve never had the chance to attend an art class. Or you’ve been eyeing to work out for the longest time. It’s about time to take a look at your current activities and change some of it to make you feel better.   

People Have Different Ways Of Coping Up   

Remember, you don’t have to rush things. People have different ways of coping up, and it could take days, or even years. We recommend not to be too hard on yourself. What’s important is that you try to take one step closer whenever you are ready. Yes, it’s going to be hard. But as cliché as this may sound, life must go on.   

Talk To Your Trusted Families And Friends   

Support group is necessary in times like this. We bet that your trusted circle will understand what you are going through. If you need to release some steam, talk to them. However, take note that most people are not used to comfort others who grief. Thus, it’s normal that they won’t respond the way you wanted them to.  

Just in case you don’t know a family member or friend who could understand you, you can always join support groups. Usually, they have regular meetings, and it could help you cope up eventually. You can contact several groups or start scouting online.    

Write Down Your Thoughts or Be Creative   

Turn your pain into something creative. Perhaps, try to write a journal or release your emotions through drawings. Another way to cope is to join an organization that your loved one used to support. It’s like continuing their legacy.   

Nobody Should Force You To Talk   

There’s no need to share your feelings when you are not ready. Again, we have different ways of living through the pain.   

There Will Be Triggers   

If you must know, there will be continuous triggers that you’d feel. It could be family events, a specific song or movies among many others. It’s ok to feel a circus of emotions. But it would help if you become vocal with the people around you so they too, can manage their expectations.   

Avoid Drugs And Alcohol   

These will do you no good and are just band-aid solutions. You would probably not feel the pain while drinking or using drugs, but once it wears off, it would be a whole lot worse. And before you know it, you might get addicted to it, That’s a bigger problem you have to face.   

Strengthen Your Faith   

If you have a certain religious or spiritual tradition, you can start practicing it. For example, are you following a morning ritual? You might want to start doing it again and find comfort.  

Seek Professional Help   

If you think it’s been quite some time and you are still not able to function well, then you might want to consider looking for professionals that could help you. There’s nothing wrong with seeking help. In the long run, you, your family, and friends will benefit from it.   

Here are a few signs that you need to seek professionals. For one, you feel that your life is worthless. You might also feel that you should have died instead of your loved one. You keep on blaming yourself, and you sometimes feel numb.   

It is a must that you address these issues before depression gets the best of you.   

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