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How To Clean Your Social Media, Prepare For Job Interviews 

When you are about to apply for a job, it isn’t enough that you write a good cover letter, or you create an impressive resume. It would also help if you¬†clean¬†up your social media.¬†

Truth is, some of your hiring managers and employers will check your social media accounts. If they see things which are not according to their beliefs and value, you have lesser chance of getting the job.  

The question now is, how are you going to do that? If you do not have an idea where to start, this post is specifically made for you.  

Keep Your Accounts Private  

The first step, and it’s a no brainer, is that you¬†have to¬†keep your accounts private. Set your profile to¬†friends only,¬†and make sure that you screen¬†friend requests¬†or¬†followers.¬†¬†

If you¬†do¬†not know them, then it’s best that you don’t accept their requests. This isn’t just for job hunting purposes. But it’s also for your safety. You¬†have to¬†understand that many people are using social media to¬†track¬†your activities, and they could use that against you. So again, keep your accounts private.¬†¬†

Delete or Hide Your Posts  

For example, you posted your drunken photos or shots which you think are quite embarrassing. You have two choices. You can either delete it, or you can just hide it from the public eye. There are features from different social media where you can do this.

Of course, we would rather just keep it private because it could be something worth remembering. Even if it is a bit embarrassing, it could be a great story to tell your future kids and grandchildren.  

Delete Inactive Accounts  

Some of us have old accounts which we do not use right now. For example, these are the profiles you made back in high school. 

If you think you’re not going to open it anytime soon, then we suggest that you just delete it. Otherwise, it will just be hanging in there and your future employer might see something odd from it. Just to be on the safe side, better delete your account.¬†¬†

Change Your Profile Picture  

We’re not saying that you¬†have to¬†take a corporate headshot¬†for your Facebook and other social media accounts. But make sure that your cover photo and your profile picture are decent enough and presentable for others to see. ¬†

You can save the sexy ones for your dating app. But for mainstream social networking sites, let’s try to be more conservative, shall we?¬†¬†

Improve Your Handles and URL  

This might seem like a tiny detail for you, but it could help if you change your handle and URL. Personalize it and use good names 

Perhaps,¬†use¬†your actual name when changing. It looks more professional and there’s this impression that you are not a kid. Yes, you can be a bit playful but make sure you know your limitations. Again, you’re trying to win a job here.¬†¬†

Improve Your Bio  

Most of the time, this is our least concern.  

We do not give importance to our bio, but most employers and hiring managers could tell a lot of things about you just by reading it.  

It doesn’t have to be profound, or something lifted from the Bible. But should¬†be something that is¬†well thought out and smart enough to get you your job.¬†¬†

Know The Right People To Follow  

Sometimes, people will see the groups that you follow. And this could tell a lot about your personality. You might as well try to be picky when following a group. It should not be about terrorism or hatred, and all other similar communities.  

Also, make it a habit to share inspiring quotes from well-known people. It’s not just about¬†sharing. It’s¬†also about¬†giving your thoughts. If these posts are set to public, your employer would¬†definitely appreciate¬†it.¬†

It Doesn’t Have To Be Perfect  

You might think we are pushing you to have the perfect social media profiles, but you are wrong. In fact, we still want you to show your genuine self out there. 

If you have fun posts that was shared before, that’s fine. You do not have to delete it. But what we are trying to point out is to that you need to be selective with¬†the¬†posts that you¬†will show to the public. You see, it might be offensive to other others, so¬† you have to¬†be careful.¬†¬†

If you’re not sure about what you’ve posted,¬†it’s¬†better to hide or delete it. And as always, before posting anything, you¬†have to¬†think twice or even thrice. Once it’s there, it‚Äôs hard to take it back.¬†¬†

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