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How to Choose the Right College Study Partner

When you are studying at the university, doing everything on your own can be a challenge and exhausting. If you can have someone help you with your studies, then we highly recommend such. As early as possible, look for a study partner and make your college life bearable and enjoyable. By choosing a good one, you can discuss lessons, review each other, and even give simple tests and quizzes.   

Some of you might ask, is a study partner better than a study group? The answer depends on your personality and preference. Perhaps, it can be overwhelming for you to study with a lot of people. Then having just a partner seems to be a better choice.   

But of course, having a college study partner isn’t just about selecting any student. There are certain conditions which you might need to consider, and that’s what we are going to share with you in this post.   

Look for Someone with a Common Goal   

It would be a whole lot easier to achieve your objectives if you have someone looking in the same direction. Would you like to ace all your subjects? Or would you like to be at the top of your class? Genuinely share these with your potential study partner and see if you are a perfect match. From here, you can guarantee that both of you will exert the same amount of effort.   

Study Partner vs. Tutor    

When looking for a study partner, you have to be fair. As much as you want to learn from them, you have to contribute as well. Remember, there’s a big difference between a study partner vs. a tutor. Make sure that at the onset, you know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. That way, you can already plot the topics both if you can focus on.  

Decide which subjects you can teach and which ones you might need help with. It is necessary that you complement each other so that you can maximize your study sessions.  

Do You Have a Common Schedule?   

You have to choose someone that has a similar schedule than yours. Perhaps, you have free time on afternoons and weekends. Set the time and make sure that you both agreed on it.  

We are not saying that you have to meet every single day. Once or twice a week is good enough. That way, you can both prepare for the topics and compile questions beforehand.   

Is Your Study Partner a Positive Influence?    

Apparently, you have to look for a study partner that will motivate you. They should have a positive outlook in life. After all, studying isn’t exactly a walk in the park. At times, it can be frustrating. And if your partner is always pessimistic and stress gets the best of them, it would be harder to manage your lessons.   

Will They Agree on a Location?   

Your study place or location is also crucial in choosing the right study partner. Of course, you wouldn’t want to waste hours of traveling to reach one’s place. You can always meet halfway if that’s the case. If your home or your dorm has a great facility for studying, then go ahead and use it. However, coffee places have become a great avenue to learn your lectures too. Or maybe you can check out the public libraries which are now designed to be cozier.   

However, we recommend studying in a place where you can’t be too comfortable like one’s bedroom. Otherwise, you’d both end up sleeping and not finishing the lessons.   

Can You Use the Same Communication Platform?   

It is recommended that you and your study partner will use a single platform to communicate. Perhaps you are using Messenger, WhatsApp, or Viber. Whatever it is, make your lines of communication open. That way, you can easily give notes or even send changes in schedules.   

Can You Be Honest with Them?   

Also, it is crucial that you can be yourself with your study partner. It needs to be someone where you can share your thoughts and even your frustrations. There are definitely bad days in college, and you and your partner should understand if both of you need to take a rest.   

It is possible that your first chosen study partner might not be the perfect fit. You can already tell this by your grades, and even your emotional state while studying with them. If in case you are not improving, you can always politely share your thoughts with your partner. Resolve it right away or change your study partner if necessary.   

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