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How to Choose the Best Study Partner in CollegeĀ 

Our learning styles are different. Some college students want to study alone to handle their own time and techniques, but others prefer to have a study partner for discussion. Working with a partner, most of the time, can keep you motivated.Ā 

Perhaps, you think that your friends could be the perfect study partner. But is that really the case? Let’s find out more from this post. In addition, we’ll give you a set of criteria when finding the right study partner. That way, you can maximize your learnings and get the highest possible grades for your course.Ā 

Find a Study Partner with the Same CurriculumĀ 

It is best to consider a study partner that has the same curriculum. By doing so, you can discuss topics that are likely to show up in both of your exams.Ā Ā 

You see, it can be very frustrating and a waste of time to study topics that hold no value to your academic life.Ā 

They Should be ArticulateĀ 

Your study buddy should be someone who can provide clear explanations and can give healthy discussions. If you don’t understand a concept, your partner may explain it in a different way that may make more sense to you and vice versa.Ā Ā 

Uses a Different Study MethodĀ 

You don’t have to choose a study partner that has the same study techniques that you have. Opposites can, indeed provide a better learning experience. It would be an excellent tandem if you are a classic note taker, and your partner is good in visual approach. Such differences can provide wider coverage in terms of understanding your lecture. For example, you and your partner can create graphs and concept maps based on the notes you’ve completed.Ā 

Open to Constructive CriticismsĀ 

A great study partner does not take things personally. It is always better to work with someone who’s open to receiving constructive criticisms. They respect your opinion and views and will not force someone to follow their lead.Ā 

Look for a Study Partner Who Values Time and is Near YouĀ Ā 

You must also consider someone who is near your place and has the same schedule. Otherwise, agree to have a fixed time every week where both of you can study.Ā 

Likewise, it won’t be a great deal if you need to travel an hour just to meet halfway with your partner. Consider both your availability and routine. You must also find someone who is punctual and diligent to value your time and won’t give you stress in that matter.

Choose Someone Outside of Your Social CircleĀ 

Ironically, friends won’t be a good idea to be your study partners. They can be a great motivator, but it doesn’t always go hand in hand with your studies. Chances are, you’d end up doing things not related to studying. Think about going to malls or watching movies. There’s this certain level of comfort with your friends, which might not work best if you want to take studying seriously.Ā 

Remember, there is time to socialize, and there is time to focus on your studies. Having your best friend as your study partner might not be the best idea since you will have hundreds of things to chat about rather than reviewing for exams.

Have an Optimistic Study PartnerĀ 

College life is definitely tormenting. And you won’t be needing someone who will drag you to a more mentally draining situation by hearing all the problems the world is facing now.Ā 

Your partner must be someone who will uplift your spirit and someone who will inspire you more to be successful. Undoubtedly, you should do the same with your partner.

They Must Be Considerate

Of course, there are times that you want to be alone in studying. Thus, your partner must be considerate to give you that. Both of you should respect if one needs to skip your weekly schedule and study alone, or if you want to study with other folks. It’s a personal choice, and you shouldn’t feel bad about it.Ā 

Be a Good Study PartnerĀ 

Remember, everything that you are considering for your study partner is also something that you must perform and willing to provide. You can not ask someone to be a person you can’t replicate.Ā 

It must be a give and take relationship. Study partners are there to support each other, but not to carry each other’s loads. Pay attention to your study strengths and weaknesses to evaluate how you can compromise and improve to become a valuable study partner for someone else as well.

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