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How to Build Your Professional Network While Still in College

A 2018 Jobvites Job Seeker Nations study revealed that 35 percent of professionals had acquired their current position through their network contacts. Sixty percent of professionals stated that they had recommended a connection to an employer at some point in their careers.

Building a professional network may not cross your mind as you juggle classes and assignments. The time you are in school is the perfect place to begin. You are surrounded by opportunities to start and build on a network of connections that will serve the span of your professional career.

A network is a group of connections in your chosen field. These connections can include working professionals, field experts, innovators, and educators. You create a network to form these relationships to provide future possibilities for growth, collaboration, and even service opportunities within your field. You may benefit from their career guidance, industry insight, and experience.

How to Begin

Building your network begins with everyday activities. The people you see in class every week are potential network contacts. Your instructors can provide you with industry knowledge outside of the classroom. No doubt there is a former student you can meet to and learn from. Get to know your classmates and your professors. Business leaders often reach out to their alma mater for recommendations for positions. If you have worked to develop a relationship with your teacher, you may be the one recommended.

Get Involved

Make the time to join a professional club or organization. Even campus fraternities and sororities can provide you with a growing list of future contacts. Study groups, student media organizations, even the campus career center can lead you to like-minded future professionals.

Go Online

It may seem premature but developing your presence online before graduation is an excellent way to get a jump on your career. Sign up for and create a profile on professional network sites. Create a website and showcase your abilities in a portfolio or other medium. Even if your work is a little sparse right now, the effort is worth it. You have a foundation for adding things in the future.

Social media sites are a great way to connect with alumni. This is a fertile garden of professional contacts. Begin conversations about their experience. Ask for recommendations. Share your website and portfolio. Some alumni post job openings and other opportunities on social media.

Be careful with your online presence, however. Treat your profile like a part of your resume, and not a photo album from your favorite dance club. Imagine each lurker to be a potential employer. Leave the party photos offline.

Open Yourself Up to New Connections

Consider applying for an internship in your chosen profession. Even if you work for free, you will meet with working professionals and others already established in the industry. Seek out volunteer work where appropriate.

Be confident, polite, and professional. Present a genuine interest in each new contact. Start a conversation and express interest beyond what they can do for you. Remember, it is about building relationships based on common interests and communication and not gaining followers.

Maintain Your Network

Once you have laid the foundation for your professional network, be sure to invest time in it. Reach out to your contacts. Keep the lines of communication open. After graduation, join professional organizations and add to your foundation. The sooner you begin, the stronger the structure you will build.


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