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How To Brand Yourself During College 

You are probably wondering why there is a need to brand yourself. After all, you are not Adidas. You are not McDonald’s. You are not a celebrity.

Well, if you wish to learn more, then read the rest of this post. We will share with you the benefits of branding yourself as early as now. Likewise, we will show you tips on how you can do it.  

So, are you ready to become your own brand?  

Know Your Goals  

First, you have to identify what do you want to be. Are you eyeing to become a finance expert? Would you like to be an entrepreneur? Or are you someone wanting to help startups?  

You need to know yourself well so you can brand yourself. Try to see your assets or strengths. Plus, never stop until you become an expert in the field that you want to be in. That way, you can position yourself as an authority in the future. But as early as now, visualize what you want to become so all your succeeding actions will target that.  

What Is Your Unique Value Proposition?  

This could take a while but you have to know what sets you apart. Why are you different from other college students? What is your edge?  

If you do not have an idea, then you can always ask your friends or your mentor. Maybe you are not seeing what you are good at. They could help you formulate the right branding.  

Work On Your Online Presence  

If you want to successfully brand yourself, you must maximize the use of websites. Apart from your company webpage, see if you can still get a domain name using your name. For example, if your name is John Smith, get the domain  

On this website, you can add your photo, bio, achievements, and your portfolio. It would be easier for your employers to assess if you are the perfect candidate. Plus, they will be impressed that you took the extra mile to build a website for yourself.  

For those who are planning to build their website, you need to consider a lot of things. It doesn’t have to be too visual. In fact, a simple web page should do you good. And also, be careful with your grammar and spelling. Double-check before you make your website live. That way, you can position yourself as a professional.  

Check Your Social Media Accounts  

You need to slow down and take a look at your social media accounts. Most likely, you created these when you were still younger, and the posts can be crazy! That’s fine because that’s part of your past. But if you think your posts will not help with your branding, clear your pages. For others, deactivating their old account and starting a new one is way easier.   

Start Networking  

When you want to establish your brand. It is also essential that you build your network. Make your name heard in the industry. Attend conferences and events. Plus, if there are opportunities for you to talk, then take advantage of them. That way, more people will identify you easily.  

Use The Right Language  

When you are branding yourself, it is essential that you know the right language according to your target market. If you want to tap the younger CEOs, then understand how they talk or even their behavior. If you wish to work with seasoned professionals, then identify how you can converse with them well.  

Ask People Around You What They Think Of You  

If you want to cross-check if your branding is a success, ask your family and friends. Get their honest opinion on how they view you. From there, you can gauge if your strategy is working, or if you need to refine some of them.  

Even if you are still not working, it is always good to start early. That way, you can already establish yourself even before you apply for a job. It’s going to be your leverage later on. What are you waiting for? Conceptualize now and build your brand.  

Building your brand is way better than just printing business cards. Yes, it could take years to develop but it’s going to be worth it.  

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