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How To Boost Your Sales, Guide For College Students 

We understand that there are many college students who are already working. Some of them are related to sales. And yes, they earn from commission. Now, if you are one of these hard-working folks, how can you generate more sales? Well, here are a few things you can do right now. And who knows if you are able to earn enough to cover your student loan?  

Build Your Website  

Even if you are working for a company who already has an established website, you should still create your own. Of course, you shouldn’t use their brand name as your web address. Otherwise, it will look as a fraud. But create a website that could easily reflect your product. For example, you are selling computers. Build an e-commerce website and support it with blog posts.  

If done right, you will be able to rank good in search engines, and you can create sales even while you sleep.  

Use Social Media To Your Advantage  

Also, you must take advantage of social media. Most people are using their Facebook and Instagram not just to post their daily shenanigans, but to also look for products and services. The beauty of social media is that their rates to boost your posts aren’t expensive. If you have limited budget, then you can test the waters first and start low.  

Make sure to create a business page for your brand and be active when posting and responding to your audience. Having said that, it would be a great idea to set an auto-response, or to hire the services of social media manager.  

Ask Help From Your Friends 

You can also call up your genuine friends and ask if they could help you promote the brand. Make them your micro-influencers. If you are allowed to provide freebies or demos, then go ahead and give it to them.  

But of course, you can always ask for their honest feedback. That way, you can share the same to your employer and they could improve their brand. Your honesty and contribution could go a long way.   

Use Your School’s Resources 

As a college student, you must maximize your school’s resources. Perhaps, you can advertise on your school paper. Or maybe, you can hand out brochures and flyers. But before you do this, make sure that you ask for approval from your university. After all, you wouldn’t want to get in trouble. Would you?  

Also, you can partner with different organizations and ask them if they could promote the product or services. We have to say, word of mouth never fails.  

Don’t Underestimate Email Marketing  

If you are not doing email marketing right now, then it’s about time that you utilize it. Some people think that this is a futile step considering that social media is here already. But don’t you know that most people check their emails every single day? It is still a great strategy. Plus, you usually get actual leads and conversions from here.  

Join Events 

If you can find events in your local community where you can set up a small kiosk, then take advantage of that. Again, you can start in your school.  

If you can’t make a sale right away, that’s fine. At least you’ve already exposed the brand. It’s the first step, and you would be surprised that inquiries will come pouring in.   

Be Your Brand Ambassador  

And lastly, be your own brand ambassador. How will people believe you if you are not using your products or services? Be consistent when promoting it and be passionate.   

Show them the pros and cons of what you are selling. Being all too salesy is not going to work in today’s age.  

Use Online Services To Help With Your Studies  

We also know that being a working student can be extremely hard. Juggling your responsibilities can take a toll on your health. And that is why we recommend that you check online services that could do your course work on your behalf. With this, you will have more time on your hands, study more for your exam, and be able to perform well at work. It’s an opportunity that you shouldn’t miss.   

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