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How To Become Indispensable At Work, Tips For Fresh Graduates

When you got your job, it is now your responsibility to take care of it. And while you can be easily replaced, in theory, considering the number of unending applicants, make sure that your employer will not let you go.

How can you do that?

We have here a number of tips that have worked over the years. Make sure to read these and to follow them accordingly. We bet that your superiors will appreciate your efforts. And perhaps, you can get a promotion.

Become Genuinely Reliable

When we say reliable, this isn’t confined to coming to work on time. If necessary, you should be there when things get rougher. If they need assistance, be there as long as it won’t jeopardize your personal time.

Yes, it is possible that you might not know the answers to certain problems. However, be willing to find out what it is. That alone can make you an asset to the company.

Initiate Process Improvement

Apart from your core tasks, you can also work on side projects which you think can improve the overall business operations. The key here is to observe. Start with your department first and when you have time, and if your boss permits, visit other departments and do your research. That way, you can see first-hand the lapses and you can easily provide recommendations.

But before you do, ensure that your solutions are efficient and will not cost your company too much. Show them the ROI of your solutions too. Don’t just present your idea without backing it up with facts.

Know The Most Challenging Tasks And Work On It

Always think about quality over quantity. Perhaps, some of your colleagues are doing a lot of projects and can tick it off from their list. But try to assess the gravity or the complexity of the issues that they are trying to solve. It’s better to resolve something massive and complex because these things could affect the business. Focus on that and you can work on simpler tasks easily.

Don’t Be Afraid To Share Your Knowledge

Even if the corporate world has a tough competition, you should never be afraid to share what you know with your colleagues. If you are good at a particular skill and you believe it can help the entire team, then initiate to train them.

Have An Open Mind To Learn New Things

Even if you are the smartest employee around, that doesn’t mean that you know everything. At times, you need help and you need to refine some of your skills. If there are training opportunities for you, grab them.

Just in case you have colleagues who are good at a particular skill, don’t be afraid to ask for help. They too, will appreciate it.

Build Good Working Relationships With Everyone

You might think that you should only build good relationships with key decision-makers. But that’s not going to work. In order to succeed in the corporate world, you must also make sure that your colleagues and even subordinates respect you. Be approachable and don’t make them feel that you are better than them.

Have A Record Of Your Milestones

Oftentimes, you would not be able to remember all the key projects that you’ve done for the company. And that means, you can’t really identify your worth. Here’s a quick solution for that. Whenever you have accomplished a milestone, make sure to keep a record. You should specify the things you did and how you were able to complete projects. This could also be your proof whenever you are about to ask for a raise.

Build Skills Outside Of Your Core Job Role

How about studying a new language? Maybe you don’t see its value right now. But eventually, when your business needs to transact with foreigners, you can use your knowledge as your leverage. You can be the translator and your employer will see your importance in order to close the deal.

Know How To Lead and How To Follow

Even if you are not yet in a leadership position, think that you already are. That will give you the right mindset and you will be able to manage yourself. And when the time comes that you got promoted, it’s easier to work with your team.

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