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How To Beat Burn Out, College Tips  

Being a college student can be quite exhausting at times. And yes, it is normal that you feel burnt out. However, it should never consume you. Otherwise, your whole life will be affected. It will target your school performance, your physical health, and even your mental health. And that is why you have to act on it as soon as you can.  

If you don’t know where to start, this post is for you. We’ve gathered a few tips from college students and those who have already graduated. You might want to follow their lead and have a better life in college.   

Signs Of Burning Out   

Let’s see what are the signs that you are already burnt out. Make sure you are on the lookout for these.   

  • You are exhausted even if you only did a little   
  • Your grades are not impressive   
  • You can’t pay attention to anyone or anything   
  • You feel disconnected from your families and friends   

Hold On To Your Motivation   

It’s easy to give up when you are tired. But when you experience this while finishing your degree, you have to stay committed. Imagine the time, money, and effort you would be wasting if you just throw it all way. What we recommend is that you find your reason why you started college. Is it because you want to land a decent job? Are you doing this for your family? Just go back to your core reason. It would help if you write these down and post them on your wall or have it as a computer background. Just keep reminding yourself of your ‘whys’.   

Visualize That It’s All Over   

A great technique, if you want to die down the stress level, is to visualize that all your reports, homework, and exams are over. Think of what better life you’d have once you are done with your degree.    

Write Down All Your Tasks   

One of the reasons why we get burnt out is that there is too much going inside our heads. In that case, we encourage you to list down all your pending tasks. It could be in your notebook or your digital planner. The objective is to just free up your brain.   

Now, prioritize what needs to be done. Start with the most important and urgent ones. Don’t forget to tick the task off as it can also make you feel better, and this could essentially pump you up to do more.   

Form A Study Habit   

It’s about time to say goodbye to cramming. That could probably work back in high school, but in the university, things will have to change. You need to always have time for your lectures every day. Take little steps, and you won’t be stressed out for your exam. Which of course, can contribute to that feeling of getting burnt out.    

Take A Break   

If you are doing a lot of things related to academics, it is essential that you take a break once in a while. For example, go out for a quick walk, or maybe read an actual book. Just take your mind off your lectures as this is good for your mental health. As a rule of thumb, you shouldn’t overwork yourself.   

Spend Time With Your Families And Friends   

A couple of hours having coffee with your friends shouldn’t be bad. Or if you are living in a different location, and you are away from your family, you can always have a quick call and just release some steam.    

Outsource Where Necessary   

Perhaps, you’ve been bombarded with several reports and homework, plus your long exams. Don’t kill yourself by doing everything, You can always outsource experts which you can find online. They could assist you in your course work, giving you more free time. You can use that free time to do what you love. Thus, avoiding that unpleasant burnt out feeling.   

Get Professional Help   

If you feel that your emotions are getting the best of you, we encourage that you seek professional help. This is nothing to be embarrassed about. That way, you will be able to follow a program suitable for your specific needs. Look for a professional whom you can trust. Ask around and find referrals as well.    

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