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How to be Productive in Between Classes

You could still be productive even during the short breaks in between your classes. We’ve asked several university students on what they usually do, and we’ve listed the best ones that can help you. 

Review Your Notes 

You can always review your lessons and take a quick glimpse of your notes. You see, when you do this regularly, the concepts will stick better and you do not have to spend hours studying the night before your exam. This is more effective than cramming. 

Grab a Snack 

Use this time to fuel up once again. But make wise choices. Instead of getting chips and soda, go for a healthier snack. Remember, college can be exhausting and you need to eat nutritious food so you will stay in shape. 

Work on Your Resume

One of the common mistakes most college students commit is that they only work on their resume once they finish their degree. But experts recommend building yours as early as possible. See if you have listed all the conferences and events you attended, together with your achievements.

You do not have to furnish it right away. But constantly updating your resume has its benefits. At least you have it all ready whenever you find a potential job role. 

Call Up Your Families and Friends 

When you live hours away from your families and friends, it’s natural to feel homesick. But that doesn’t mean you should go home, right?  

You can use the spare time to call them up. Have a quick video call and ask your mom to give you a tour of your home. These simple things can keep you sane amidst all the reports and term papers you have to complete for the semester. 

Start Working on Your Homework

If you have a paper due two weeks from now, we suggest doing your research as early as you can. You can use the time in between your classes to do it. Visit the library and search online. At least you can prepare an outline and draft your initial paper. You would realize that completing your homework is so much easier when you do a few subtasks in advance.  

Have a Quick Workout 

Instead of just killing time browsing through your social media, make it even more productive by working out. You can even run around the school grounds and you are all set. A quick brisk walk should do you good as well. 

Take a Power Nap

It’s also the best time to take a power nap. But make sure that you set your alarm to a maximum of 20 minutes. If you sleep longer than that, you might experience sleep inertia. That would be harder to gain momentum and you would feel extra sluggish.  


If you had a stressful class, then use the short break to meditate. There are breathing techniques that you can follow. Or perhaps, do a bit of yoga at a nearby park. Your mental health is important, and you must give importance to it. 

Meet Your Professors 

You can also take advantage of your professor’s office hours. If you have questions, make sure to approach during that period. At least you get to clarify your concerns, and it is always a good idea to introduce yourself personally to them. Who knows if they could be your mentor? 

Finish Your Online Course

You should also take the initiative to learn more. Thus, if you have time and means to get online courses, that would be good too. More often than not, you can take these classes whenever you are convenient. The short breaks could be the perfect fit.  

Search for Potential Jobs

Who says you are too early to scout for a job? During your free time or short breaks, you can take a look at job openings. Online job hunting could also give you an idea of what most employers look for an applicant. That way, you can strengthen the required skills and have leverage when you apply.  

As a college student, it is a good practice that you know how to make good life choices. You can start by identifying productive activities even during your small breaks. Sooner or later, you will realize that you have formed a better habit. And eventually, you can use that once you started working for real. 

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