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How To Ask People To Put A Good Word For You, College Guide

How To Ask People To Put A Good Word For You, College Guide

A recommendation is important if you want a land a great job in the future. However, only a few people are aware of how to ask their connections to put a good word for them. If you are one of those who are not familiar with how to do this, don’t worry. Apparently, you are not alone. Besides, this is what this post is all about. We will give you a few tips on how to do this, without being too awkward 

Choose Someone You Personally Know Or You Have Worked With  

If you are to ask someone to recommend you, obviously it needs to be a person you’ve worked closely with. That way, they can specify your strengths and be able to provide concrete reasons why the company should hire you.  Or if you were not able to work with them personally, at least they should have an idea about your work behavior. 

Give Them A Heads Up On The Position You Are Applying For  

When you got the confirmation from the other person, make sure to brief them about the position you are eyeing for. The reason for this is that they will be able to mold their thoughts about your skills. Even if you are a good colleague or a team member, it wouldn’t matter if the skills they are going to mention do not fit what the company needs. 

Introduce Yourself More 

You shouldn’t be embarrassed to reveal more about yourself, most especially to an acquaintance whom you would want to get a recommendation. You can proactively ask if there is a need to introduce yourself further. For example, you can send a simple message saying, ‘If it can help to know more information about me, please let me know’. Again, we understand that it can be a bit odd doing this. But you have to realize that it’s your ticket for a bright future and it’s always worth the shot.  

Don’t Pressure Them  

We understand that you badly want that job position. But that doesn’t mean you should harass a person to give a good word for you. You see, this should always come naturally. There must be mutual respect and if they are not comfortable giving recommendations, do not take it against them.

Remember, there are others who would be willing to do it for you. It’s not worth your effort to force someone to say things that they don’t mean.  

Always Say Thank You  

Just in case a person agrees to give a recommendation for you, always show your appreciation. A simple thank you email should do the trick. Or if you can send small tokens of appreciation, that could work too. You can send homemade cookies or a nice pen. This doesn’t have to be expensive. Just let them know that it meant a lot that they went out of their way just to give a good word for you.  

Remember, there’s nothing wrong if you will ask others to recommend you. But of course, you need to make sure that you will do your work properly. Otherwise, you are also putting the other person in a bad light.  

Importance of Building Network As Early As Now  

Now, do you realize how important it is to build your network as early as possible? It could be your way to get a good future. But of course, when you are establishing a connection or relationship, don’t think of it as just a strategy to have a network. More than that, you will surely learn genuine tips and tricks if you meet the right people. These learnings are more than enough and you can use them when you apply for a job, or whenever you are already working.  

Where Can You Meet People Worthy To Provide Recommendations  

Are you still wondering where you can meet great people that will leave a mark on your hiring managers? Well, you can always attend conferences, events, or conventions. Make sure to have your business card even if you are still in college. Brand yourself well and it should take you places.  

Also, start working on your LinkedIn profile. Most of the time, professionals exchange details there and it’s easier to communicate.  

Lastly, you can join online communities and reach out to industry leaders from there. Have them as your mentors and we’re pretty sure you would get recommendations.  

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