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How To Add Colors To Your Boring Dormitory Room

More often than not, dormitory rooms aren’t colorful. It’s too plain and it lacks color. But if you are aware of color psychology, then you would understand that different colors can affect your mood, behavior, and even productivity. And so in this post, we would share with you a number of tips on how you can add colors to your dormitory. As most of us know, it is not allowed that you do major renovations and painting walls could be prohibited. So, what do you need to do?  

Read on to learn more.  

Splash Colors On Your Bed  

The biggest piece of furniture in your dormitory is probably your bed. So, why don’t you get some beddings and pillows that would add life to your dull room? There are several amazing bed sheets that are not expensive. We suggest that you get those from Target or from Walmart.  

You see, as a college student, we know that your days could be long and tiring. Having a great bed is the least you deserve, and it could certainly give you a good rest.  

Choose Interesting Curtains  

How about changing your window treatments? Only a few people know this, but your curtains can change the entire mood of your room. Luckily, there are many designs to choose from. Ask your roommate about their style preferences and see if it matches with yours. Or perhaps, mix two colors so it will show both of your personalities 

Buy Colorful School Supplies  

If your desk looks outrageously plain, you can always add colorful supplies. You can buy notepads, pens, folders, organizers, or highlighters that are unique. It should give your desk and your room that instant personality which you can certainly enjoy.  

In addition, there are nice desk lamps that could also amplify the amazing mood of your room. Scout the affordable ones online.  

Interesting Small Appliances 

When you are living in a dormitory, you are not allowed to have huge appliances. But in most cases, you can bring smaller ones like a coffee maker or a small hot pot. In that case, choose ones that are filled with fun colors.  

If you are allowed to bring a mini-fridge, choose one that looks retro instead of a conventional design.  


If you are living in a dormitory where you have your own bathroom, then you can add colors by buying bathroom essentials that have colors. You can get a small rack or soap organizers that are funky and cool. A quick search online could give you hundreds of options. 

And since we are talking about the bathroom, you can also find colorful towels as well. Hampers with fantastic images will do you good as well.  


Did you know that there are also nice-looking fans? Instead of choosing the conventional designs, look for something that is quite out of this world. But of course, never compromise quality over design. You wouldn’t want to buy new fans every single time, would you?  

Alarm Clock  

We understand that you are probably using your smartphone as your alarm clock, but if you wish to add some personality to your room, then get a unique alarm clock right away. Make sure you place it away from your bed so you will be forced to get up and turn it off.  


Make it a point not to use your outdoor shoes as you go around your dorm. That could be extremely unhygienic. What we recommend is that you get a nice pair of slippers, which again, should add color to your room. These little things might seem trivial for some. But if you put them together, it can make your dormitory room homier and inviting.  

Study Chair or Stool  

You can even replace your boring chairs with retro and cool-looking ones. Or if you are not allowed to do so, then you can pick throw pillows instead and place them on your chairs. That should do the work.  

Bring Books With Interesting Covers  

What we love about traditional books is that they have amazing covers which can add life to your dull room. Just make sure you organize it on your shelves. With that, you already have instant decorations. Some are even organizing books by color and it’s fun to look at. You can use that technique as well. 

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