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How To Ace Your Physics Class

Ever dreamed of having that perfect score in your Physics class? Physics is one of the most daunting subjects you will take during your college life. It is basically a study about matter and energy and how it interacts with one another. 

Photons, Neutrons, Kinematics, and Inertia – these are just some of the words you’ll encounter in this subject. If you want to excel and ace this subject, here are some tips and tricks you can follow that will help you understand Physics better.

Have The Correct Mindset

Like all things, if you want something done you need to have the right mindset. If your only goal is to pass, then most probably your effort would only be good up to that point. Set your mind that you really want to ace this subject. That way, your mind would be programmed to do whatever it takes to achieve that goal. Having the proper mindset would also help you motivate yourself.

Do An Advance Reading

Physics contains a lot of words that you don’t usually encounter on a daily basis. Unless you grew up around scientists, chances are most of the terms would be unfamiliar to you. The best thing you can do is skim your textbook and check out the chapters that you would be discussing in your next lecture. 

Try solving the sample problems as well. Don’t worry if you are having difficulty, your aim is to familiarize yourself with the concept of what you will be learning. This way, it would be easier for you to keep up and understand your lesson.

Attend Your Class

Physics is a hard subject that is why it is best that you don’t skip your class if you want to ace this. Your professor would be able to explain the concepts better compared to just getting the information out of your textbook. 

This is also the perfect time to clarify things that confuse you. Takedown notes as much as possible. There is information that your professor might discuss that is not in your textbook so it is wise if you take note of this.

Go Back Over Your Lesson

After your class, review the lesson you have just discussed. Things should be clearer to you now as you have already worked on this lesson twice. The first one was when you had your advanced reading and the other was during your class. You should have a better understanding of the topic. If there are still things that confuse you go back over that area and move on until you feel more comfortable. 

Time To Work On Those Practice Problem 

Your ability to answer the given problems will be the gauge of how much you understand the topic. Try to work on the sample problems on your workbook or the set your professor gave you.

Physics is not about memorization but more on applying the concepts to solve certain problems. By trying to solve more, you would be able to train your mind on how to analyze. This would be handy especially during your exams.

Before your Exam, Work on Your Practice Problem Again

If you will notice, there is a pattern here. Working on problems over and over is the secret to mastering the subject. 

Prior to your exam, you should be able to master the subject and have a much better grasp of the concept and math behind it. By this time you should have encountered and solved a lot of sample problems that you are already familiar with each one of them. 

Again, do not memorize the answer. Understand the concept and work through each problem step by step. You only have one shot in your exam so it is better you prepare for it. 

Use Your Daily Activities To Apply What You Have Learned

Physics is everywhere. As mentioned before, it is a study of matter and how it interacts with one another. So the world works around Physics. 

By applying what you have learned in your everyday life you would be able to better understand the concept of Physics. 

Try to attach it to something you are interested in. Apply it to things that you usually encounter. You can also use Physics in making life easier for you like pushing something up is easier than pulling it. 

It is an advantage if you know the math behind this subject. But you should also have a better understanding of the concept as Physics heavily relies on it.

In conclusion, there is no easy way to ace Physics. It takes time, effort and perseverance to master this subject. Is Physics hard? Yes. Can you ace it?  Yes, you can but the real question is how bad do you want it? Only you can answer that.

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