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How Social Media Improved Social Communication

How Social Media Improved Social Communication

Remember back in the day where the only way to communicate with people far away is through snail mail. Then came the introduction of telephones and then cellular phones. As technology evolves so is the way people communicate. Social media’s influence has given rise to a different genre of communication. The information now travels faster and it seems that distance is no longer an issue when it comes to communication – thanks to the birth of social media.

So how does social media improve social communication?

Eliminated Distance As A Communication Barrier

Social Media also allows us to communicate with other people even if we are far away from each other. During the recent pandemic, we are forced to stay in the confines of our homes. But thanks to social media, we are able to continue living our lives. It enabled students to still attend class and employees to continue working and conduct meetings.  

Allowed People To Reach A Wider Audience

Online communication has allowed each and everyone to send and receive a message from people that previously could not be reached. Famous personalities can interact with millions of their followers as if they are talking to each one of them. Leaders can address the nation without having to set a public gathering. 

Social media created an effective platform that can easily send the message across. It helped many people become aware of what is happening in their surroundings and other parts of the world. It also gave people a place to express themselves freely. A place where you can practically tell the world how you feel, the way you want to say it, without anyone trying to control you. 

Broadened Your Network

Before social media, our means to interact with other people were limited to the number of people we know personally. With the use of various social media platforms, we can now connect with thousands of people from all over the world. 

You often see people having thousands and even millions of followers on their social media account. Without social media, it would be physically impossible to do it.

Helped People Become Straightforward

Social media has changed the way people write and taught us how to relay our message using as few words as possible. Since various social media platforms only allow you to use a certain amount of words, it trains us to go straight to the point when communicating with other people.

Created A New Language 

OMW, TTYL, GTG, you often see these abbreviations in today’s messages. “OMW” means on my way, “TTYL” stands for “talk to you later”, while “GTG” means “got to go. Social media has created a new language that has become so common today that even if it is not spelled correctly, people don’t even think twice about what it stands for. 

Created A Convenient Way To Transact And Receive Services  

Many companies are shifting their business towards e-commerce since this is starting to become the future of business transactions. People would just go over the net, click what they want, and even pay online. 

A business can post its services or products through different social media sites where they could be seen by the market. On the other hand, consumers use social media to search for the things they want to purchase. Social media has allowed businesses and consumers to interact with one another regardless of where they are. 

Social media are now being used to provide healthcare services wherein you can consult to a doctor about what you are feeling, and in return they could suggest medications. This has become beneficial especially this pandemic when people are cautious of going into a clinic for a checkup.

Human history would show that since the beginning of time, people are finding ways on how to interact and communicate better with others. It played a key role in the progress of humanity and has enabled us to experience life as we know it today. 

Social media is the way of the future and should be embraced by everyone. Thanks to today’s technology, we can communicate with anyone, anytime, anywhere in the world. But just like what a famous superhero once told, with great power comes great responsibility. Let us use technology to promote the greater good. And as a college student, you must be able to use it and help forge a better society in the future.

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