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How Positivity Can Affect Your Financial Health, University Student Guide

Did you know that having a positive mindset can actually help you with your finances? If you want to learn how these correlate, then we highly recommend finishing this post. We bet you will learn a few things that can help you stabilize your finances.  

As they always say, positive thinking is powerful! It helps you become more focused on your goals, and it helps you to stay on track even when things seem to be difficult. How do you stay positive while achieving your financial dreams? Let’s hop on.  

Visualize Your Financial Achievements  

Remember when you were kids and your parents or teachers would ask you to draw your future profession? Some would draw doctors, teachers, scientists, accountants, or even astronauts. As kids, we didn’t care how hard it is to achieve the professions. All we knew was, we wanted to be one.  

Now, can we all be kids once again and just draw what we want to achieve? But this time, we need to focus on your financial health. For example, you want to earn a specific amount of money every month. Or maybe, you want to close off your student debts. Write it down or add pictures if that could help.  

If you think it’s too awkward to place your actual vision board inside your dormitory, then save it as your laptop’s background. Just make sure you can see it regularly.  

As cliché as this may sound, the law of attraction works.  

Hold On To A Good Financial Mantra  

Apart from a vision board, you can also find a good mantra which you can easily tell yourself every single day. This can push you to do things that will help you reach your goals.  

For example, ‘I will be debt-free this year.’ Repeat it every day. And yes, you can do so while you are fixing yourself in front of the mirror.  

Look For An Accountability Partner  

Now that you have set up your financial goals, it’s also important that you have a buddy or a partner who can look after your progress. Ideally, they should be willing to check on you. Plus, they are also trying to be financially sound.  

And of course, they must be positive. Their emotions and mindset can be contagious so you have to pick wisely.  

Think About An Abundant Life Rather Than Scarcity  

What’s wrong with most people today is that we always have that scarcity mindset. We always think of what is lacking, and that alone can limit our actions.  

Why don’t you try to reverse your thoughts? Think of abundance. And for example, you have money at hand, don’t think of what you can’t buy. Instead, look for ways on how you can make it grow. What could be the investment or a small business we could start from it?  

Celebrate Your Small Wins  

Sometimes, we try not to reward ourselves, most especially if we are still in debt. But you know what, little treats will not hurt, most especially if you have reached a financial milestone. For example, you’ve already paid half of your debt, you can treat yourself to a nice meal. Of course, we are not referring to the most expensive restaurants.  

But you see, these small rewards could motivate you to do better because you have something nice to look forward to.  

Believe In Yourself  

You might think that you can’t fix your finances. After all, you are too young. But that’s backward thinking. Whatever your money problem is, think that you can provide a solution. Look for resources, an expert to help you, or do your research.  

Positivity Alone Cannot Help You  

Please remember that positivity alone cannot help you with your finances. It’s an essential part of the process, but it is not the sole ingredient. Again, the mindset can help you to keep going. But without the right actions, then your finances would still be chaotic.  

Change Your Lifestyle  

If you wish to improve your financial health, you must be ready to have small sacrifices. It could be your weekly booze session with your friends. Or you might need to give up your membership plans.  

But come to think of it. The reward is better. You won’t have to think about hefty debts or if you would fall short and miss your monthly dues.  

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