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How Netflix’ Unresolved Mysteries Can Help College Students Become Smarter

Watching mystery series can stimulate our brains to think, and it can spark intrigue. It opens the door to speculate and answer the riddles surrounding the unknown. The need of the human brain to process and provide answers to riddles and conundrum makes Netflix’s Unresolved Mysteries truly enticing.

Interestingly, as you get hooked with these peculiar niches available in the streaming service, your brain begins to experience a sense of euphoria as the truth behind these mysteries is revealed throughout the episodes of the series. Watching Netflix’s Unresolved Mysteries can actually make you smarter. And if you want to use your college breaks wisely, watching it could be a good alternative. 

Brain Stimulation and Cognitive Thinking

The average attention span of an adult is only around 8 seconds. If a show or a content fails to captivate the attention of a person within that crucial first 8 seconds, the person will most likely move on to the next content or offer its attention to something else. 

Netflix’ Unresolved Mysteries has the power to captivate most of its audience within that 8-second mark, thus enticing a person to engage and see what the series offers.

Watching these types of Netflix shows stimulates the brain to think. Similar to word games, puzzles, reading and strategy games, Netflix’ Unresolved Mysteries promotes cognitive thinking. Viewers improve their mental processes as they comprehend the events and ideas revealed through the show.

Mysteries can trigger a part of the brain to “perform extra”. It forces the brain to think more and to dig deeper. Watching the show exercises the brain to function better by associating every detail that was provided to its viewers. 

Promotes Problem Solving

Unlike watching regular shows, mystery series encourages you to think. More often than not, regular shows will feed everything to you. But in solving mysteries, there is no concrete explanation on why a person does something, thus encouraging you to speculate, through a series of clues and intelligent guesses. 

You Practice Your Memory

As a mystery unfolds in front of you, you’ll see yourself gathering evidence, remembering names, facts, and incidents that may potentially lead you to the answers behind these conundrums. As you watch the show, you pick up clues on your own, create a train of thought based on these ideas and events, and you try to provide your own intelligent conclusion. 

You Learn to Become More Objective 

With these shows, you separate your personal biases when making a judgment. And you base your observations on the facts and clues. You don’t let your emotions get the best of you. 

Trying to solve and understand these secrets trains your brain to think more objectively instead of clouding your speculations with your emotions. The more you base your hypothesis on facts presented in the case, the more likely you’ll arrive with the closest answer.

Training and stimulating your brain to think objectively, through a series of clues, facts, incidences, and events can greatly improve your cognitive skills. 

Quite frankly, as you grow older, you tend to lose these skills, and performing intelligent guesses can be quite challenging. Regularly watching mystery series, based on true to life stories, exercises your brain. And you should make it a habit as early as now. 

As you regularly watch shows in this niche, you will see improvements in how you think and decide on some issues. You begin to spend more time evaluating facts before jumping into conclusions. 

Essentially, you become smarter. You will start to scrutinize facts and ideas and will not be content with merely accepting information fed by others. You will always look for concrete evidence that will support your assumptions.

So, can the television series make you smarter? Yes, it certainly can. 

Mysteries stimulate a part of your brain that has waned over time, and this could be a good exercise for college students. Eventually, you will use the skill as you step out of the university. 

The next time your college buddies are left to do with nothing, grab your remote and binge on some of the most amazing mystery series available. Don’t forget to have an intellectual discussion after. So apart from training your brain and cognitive skills, you become more articulate in sharing your ideas. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone. 


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