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How Much Salary Should You Ask For, Tips for Fresh Graduate

Here’s the thing, negotiating your salary is never easy – even for those who have been in the industry for years. Having said that, we understand if you are nervous when asked about your expected salary. But here’s the thing, there are techniques on how you can get your dream salary without sounding too arrogant. If you want to know more, this post is exactly what you need.  

Learn the Perfect Timing to Ask 

The best time to demand for a specific salary is when you have the job offer. You are not the first person to do such. Thus, you don’t have to be scared. Just politely ask about the salary and more often than not, they will ask you if you will agree. If you don’t, then be upfront about it. This should be easy as long as you have calculated your monthly expenditures.  

However, do not be discouraged if the salary is not according to your ‘ideal’ rate. Remember, money isn’t everything. If you believe that the company will help you through their trainings, and if they have great benefits, then it should be worth considering.   

Research the Market 

Before you demand for a salary, you also need to do your own research. Look online and have a benchmark. There are several websites that could help you determine a good margin for your salary. Just type the industry, the job position, and you will see the estimated salary.  

Another thing you can do is to ask your network. Some of them are probably working and have an idea how much you should ask from the employer.   

As much as possible, consider asking about the entire compensation package instead of the basic salary.  

Justify Your Rate  

You should also understand your skillset. If you want to ask for a higher rate, then it has to be justified. And so as early as now, you need to attend trainings, get certificates, and improve essential skills. That way, you can be more confident in negotiating.  

Do not expect that you will be given a good rate if you don’t have anything special to offer. And that is why we recommended that you get courses outside of your university. There are online courses that you can take whenever you are free. Make sure to have time for such.  

Simply put, continuously improve yourself and know your worth.  

Practice Your Spiel  

To sound more convincing, you can practice your lines or spiels. You can either do it on your own or ask someone you trust to watch you as you say it. Look for feedback and work on it.  

Don’t Threaten Your Employer  

As much as you want to get the salary rate, you should never do so by threatening your employer. It’s unethical and you might be burning the bridge. If the offer is not acceptable based on your standards, you can politely decline. You’ll never know if the company will need you in the future and will offer you a better salary. So again, keep your lines open.  

Don’t Get Disappointed If Your Asking Rate is Not Approved  

Not everything will be according to your plan. There will be times that your asking salary won’t be approved. This is not because you are not worthy. Remember, there are different reasons why they cannot give you the rate you asked for. The current financial condition may be the reason.   

At the end of your discussion, always thank your hiring manager or employer. It doesn’t matter if they agreed to the rate or not. Just appreciate the time and effort, and again, keep in touch for possible business opportunities in the future.  

In a nutshell, it is ok to ask for a specific salary even if it’s going to be your first job. But you have to make sure that you are worthy of it. Even during your first year in the university, learn to invest in your skills. Look for workshops and seminars, and do not underestimate the power of networking. And if the employer says no, do not take it personally. It’s part of the process, and you can always look for another opportunity. Or perhaps, see if their offer will work well for you as well.  

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