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How Men Should Dress For An Internship Interview, College Guide

How Men Should Dress For An Internship Interview, College Guide

So, you’re about to have an interview for your dream internship.  

Of course, you have to make this as perfect as possible. And you have to start with how you look. While there are many companies that allow a more relaxed wardrobe, have you ever wondered if you can go to an interview like that? Let’s try to deep dive into this topic and learn more.  

Get Your Formal Clothes 

Generally, you still have to look professional and corporate when you are going to have an interview. If you have a good tie, a nice coat, and leather shoes, that would be awesome.

But don’t worry if you do not have the designer ones or the brands that could break a bank. A lot of affordable pieces could be worn and you would still look professional.  In fact, you can go to thrift stores and find great deals from there. No one will know how much you spent on your attire, so don’t think about getting something that will cost you a lot of debt in the future.  

The same principle applies even if you see most of their employees wearing casual clothes for work. As a rule of thumb, if you’re going for an interview, you have to power dress.  

Go For Simple Accessories  

If you have piercings, it’s better to remove it for the interview. Also, you might want to minimize the accessories that you have. For example, if you wear a lot of bead bracelets, then try to switch it to a more formal type of accessory.  

How To Groom Yourself  

This is pretty basic, but you have to exert an effort to groom yourself. This means,  you have to get a haircut, trim your nails, and shave your facial hair.  

If you need to wake up earlier, then so be it. You need to look polished for that interview because whenever you walk through that door, you will already leave an impression. 

Prepare The Following  

Apart from dressing up and looking pleasant, there are accessories or other stuff that you might want to bring during your interview. Here are some of those.  

A Nice Bag For Your Gadgets  

Instead of bringing your rugged backpack to your interview, why don’t you get something a bit more professional-looking? Fortunately, there are a lot of designs to choose from. It doesn’t have to be the expensive briefcases, but if you can get a neutral bag that complements your style, then that would be great.  

Notepad and Pen  

It would also be ideal to bring a notepad and pen, just in case your interviewer wants you to take note of critical things for your internship.  

Of course, you can always use your smartphone. But let’s admit, it still looks odd to type whenever you’re talking to someone. Having a traditional pen and paper should still work.  

Important Documents  

Even if it is still your initial interview, we recommend that you bring pertinent documents such as your IDs. That way, if your interviewer requires you to submit these things, you are ready, and your internship can kick start right away. This saves you a lot of time and effort going back and forth to the office.  


You’d never know when you will need mints. Since you’re going to talk face to face, it’s best if you always have a fresh breath.  

What To Do Before Your Internship Interview  

We all know that you have to practice before you go on an interview. That’s already a given.  

But there are also a few tips that could help you become more confident during the session. For example, make sure to have light meals. You see, getting heavy ones might make you feel sleepy and you may not be able to concentrate on the interview. And don’t forget your toothbrush just in case something sticks in between your teeth. This might be funny, but it does happen.   

In a nutshell, try to power dress, accessorize properly, bring the necessary documents, and of course, be confident. Even if you have the best clothes or even if you smell like a million-dollar employee, it wouldn’t matter if you are lousy on your interview proper. How you look is just supplemental to what you can really offer to the company, and that’s what you have to focus on. 

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