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How Do You Write A Cover Letter For Your First Job?  

While some companies do not require that you write a cover letter, there are still many that would be impressed if you send them one. And that is why you must know how and what to write a good cover letter. That way, you would be able to have that unfair advantage as you apply for a job. Remember, the competition gets tougher by the minute. Thus, you need to make your ‘application tools’ as impressive as it could get.   

If you don’t know where to start, here are a few tips that could help you.   

Do Not Send The Same Cover Letter To All Companies   

Most people think that you just need to write a template and that’s good for all the companies you are applying to. That’s a big mistake. You see, your employers will notice that your letter is a template and that you didn’t even bother personalizing it according to their job post.   

When sending a cover letter, make sure that you know what the role is, and the company as well. That way, you can tailor-fit your sentences. Your hiring manager will surely appreciate it.   

List Down Your Strengths   

You should be able to write down your strengths and skills, and why you are the perfect candidate for the job. There’s no need to do this bullet per bullet. After all, these things are already in your resume. Just give them an overview so they could also assess if you are a perfect match.   

Know Their Company Language   

It is also important that you consider the language of the company you are applying to. Generally, most corporate settings will require you to write formally. But things have changed over the years. There are a few business owners and hiring managers who would rather have a more casual tone. This is a risky approach, but if done right, could win you the job in no time.    

Address It To A Real Person   

‘To Whom It May Concern’   

That’s what we usually write if we do not know the person to address in the company. And while that’s acceptable, we encourage you to still do a bit of research. Most likely, if you see a job post online, there will always be the name of who posted it. Write it down and address them accordingly.   

This subtle technique can always win their hearts. And yes, you could get that initial interview.   

Don’t Forget Your Contact Details   

Most probably you are going to send it using e-mail and you might think that it is useless to reiterate your contact details in the cover letter. However, we still recommend that you include it. Don’t forget your mobile number as some companies like to give their applicants a call.   

And when you receive a call, make sure that you are ready. Sound professional and write down necessary details about the scheduled interview. In other terms, you should be prepared.   

Keep Your Cover Letter Short   

You don’t have to write a lengthy cover letter. Trust us, no one would read such a novel-like piece. However, remember to highlight your strengths and what you can offer as an individual. If you are able to place these strategically in your cover letter, then you are all good.   

What You Shouldn’t Include In Your Cover Letter   

Now that you know what to write, there are a few things that you have to be careful about.   

Typos and Grammar Mistakes   

When you are about to send a cover letter, you must check it twice, or even thrice, and see if there are typos and other grammatical mistakes. You can ask your friends to cross-check it for you. Or, you can even use Grammarly. There’s nothing wrong if you wish to get help. We all need that.   

Try Not To Use ‘I’ All Throughout Your Letter   

Also, you should limit the use of ‘I’ in your cover letter. Remember that it isn’t about you, but how you could contribute to them. If you see that there are a lot of sentences that start with an ‘I’, revise it accordingly. Look for other ways to rephrase it.   

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