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How Do You Secure a Dream Job

Who doesn’t want to land on their dream job? We all do. However, only a few people have the guts to do whatever it takes to achieve their dream. If you are one of these courageous folks, then this article is for you. We have here some concrete steps on how you will get that job you are eyeing for. 

You Have to Set Your Goal 

Your first step is to identify your goal. What is that dream job that you are talking about? Only by then can you create a more solid plan on how you will achieve it. 

You don’t have to rush this. Take your time and reflect well. You can even seek advice from your family, friends, or mentor if you have any. Perhaps, you are not aware of your full potential, but other people can see it. 

Bring all these things together and set a firmer goal. 

Identify the Required Skillset 

Next, you have to understand what the job really is. Maybe you just see the fame and the glitz and glamor. But you also need to see the role on a holistic level . How hard is it to achieve it? What are the things you have to hone? What would be the required technical skills? Is the competition stiff? Basically, be obsessed with learning everything about your dream job. 

Nobody says it’s going to be easy, so you have to be prepared as early as now.  

Acknowledge Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Now that you know what things will give you a better chance of getting the job, it’s time for some self-discovery. What do we mean by this? 

You need to be objective in listing your strengths and weaknesses. Try to see which of your traits could be your leverage when applying for the position. And as for your shortcomings, you can always find ways to improve it. You can read books, join classes, or even volunteer if your resume needs more valuable experience. 

Look for a Mentor 

All successful people have a mentor. And as early as now, you should look for one too. Choose a person that has extensive professional experience, preferably in your target industry. From there, be open to what you want. 

More often than not, these mentors are generous in providing knowledge. And in fact, they could help you identify both your strengths and shortcomings. They could also share industry and trade secrets, which can be your advantage when you already get an interview. 

Boost Your Online Presence 

As you improve your skills, you also have to improve your personal branding online. You have to impress your potential employers by giving them a glimpse of your expertise through online platforms. 

It’s about time that you work on your LinkedIn account. Perhaps, start writing blogs or start filming vlogs. It’s better to have a specific niche related to your dream job. For example, you want to be a chef. Then create content about cooking. Maybe you want to be a well-known graphic designer. Start by showcasing your works or reviewing designs. 

This could be a bit uncomfortable at first. But as you go along and build your blog space and channel, you naturally gain knowledge. And by the time you get that interview, you are likely to be perceived as someone who’s highly knowledgeable. 

Prepare for Your Interview 

Preparing is an understatement. Once you get that interview, you have to make sure that you ‘overly’ prepare for it. This is your chance to get your dream job, and you have to make it count. Practice your spiels, know the possible questions, and be ready. 

Of course, this includes power dressing as well. We are not saying you have to invest in designer coats or shoes. But make sure you have a perfectly decent wardrobe that can amaze your employer. That way, they will feel that you mean business. 

This is not an overnight success. In fact, it could take years. You probably need to sacrifice a lot as well. But if it is indeed your passion, it will be all worth it. If you are still in college, you better start preparing as early as now. Again, give yourself time to evaluate what you love and slowly work your way from there. 

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