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How Do You Prepare for Your First Job?

Congratulations on getting hired! You did an excellent job. But as much as we want to say that things are about to get easier, it won’t. Your first job can be extremely challenging, no matter how much you dreamt about it. Thus, you have to prepare yourself so that you get the most out of it. 

As we already have years of working experience under our belts, we were able to come up with a list of how you should prepare for your first job. We just wished we knew these before entering the workforce. So, consider yourself lucky. 

Research About Your Superiors

Before you start working, you better do your research first. Well, some might call this ‘stalking,’ but we meant something better – trust us.  

You can always Google your company and check for the names of the leadership team. Chances are, there are articles written about them. They probably have written a couple or online materials too, or their LinkedIn account is open to the public. Read as much as you can about your bosses. 

Who knows if you get stuck with them in an elevator? At least you can engage in small talks and introduce yourself. Speaking of which, let’s go to our next tip.   

Plan Your Work Outfit 

For some people, this might seem not too important. However, in our experience, we spent several minutes thinking about what to wear. And truth be told, it is a time-waster. 

What you can do is to plan your outfit for the entire week. You should follow your office guidelines as well. While most companies are more relaxed in terms of a corporate style, others are still traditional. Just make sure that you comply so you won’t get into any trouble.  

Learn Your Commute 

Before your first day, you might want to try commuting from your home to the office. It’s best to do it during the rush hour or whenever you plan to travel. That way, you can already assess how many minutes it will take you to commute. 

If there are other alternative options, learn that as well. Trust us, you will never know what will go wrong, so it’s better to have backups to reach your office. After all, you wouldn’t want to be late on your first day, would you? 

Get Your Own Office Supplies 

Most likely, your company will give you your office supplies. But it is always good to bring your own pen and notebook on your first day. At least you can take down notes right away. A piece of advice, don’t rely on mental notes. No matter how good you are, it is always better to write things down.  

Introduce Yourself 

It’s always nice to leave a good impression. And one of the ways you can do it is by properly introducing yourself to your colleagues. Just start with a simple ‘Hi,’ followed by your name and the department you belong to. Knowing people from different departments can be beneficial in the long run. It’s easier to coordinate projects, and you also get to learn other business processes.   

But of course, try to find the perfect timing when you introduce yourself. You don’t want to overly do it to the point of being annoying. Do it over lunch or when you have short breaks.   

Familiarize Yourself with the Office Space 

You should also take the time to go around the office and see its facilities. Know where the fire exits are, the conference rooms, the clinic, or the pantry. If you have a big office, it is easy to get lost. While these are being taught during the orientation, it’s always good to still go around on your own and see for yourself. 

Have a Growth Mindset 

And lastly, prepare yourself to have a growth mindset. Don’t act as if you know it all. But instead, be open to new ideas. You can also ask your colleagues and bosses if you want to learn something. Most of the time, they are very accommodating.

If you commit a mistake, don’t be too hard on yourself. You can always try to improve and be better. 

We understand if you want to do everything perfectly. But that could put a lot of stress, and for someone who’s just starting to work, that’s not a good sign. You need to be resilient, and lastly, you have to enjoy it.   

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