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How Do You Overcome Doubt, College Guide 

As a college student, many of you might experience self-doubts. However, if we let it consume us, we will not be able to reach our full potential. More often than not, we think of ourselves as lesser than what we could be. And it’s about time that we have a change of mindset. It is possible to conquer our doubts, and we have a few tricks that could possibly help you. If you want to learn more, read the rest of this post.  

Here are a few signs that you are experiencing self-doubt   

In some cases, people who have a lot of doubts do not have clarity. They tend not to know what they want or which path to take. The great ideas once might now be filled with imperfections. Another sign is that you delay your actions, or you procrastinate.   

Sound familiar? This post is definitely for you.  

What To Do When You Are Filled With Doubt  

Know That New Things Will Cause You Discomfort   

Not being comfortable doesn’t mean you are not cut for it. For example, you want to join an art class even if you don’t have an innate talent. And so you did. At first, you will feel incredibly uncomfortable. But this is just normal. As you regularly paint and immerse yourself in the craft, you will eventually be good and the feeling of weirdness will be gone.    

Don’t Be Afraid To Be Mocked   

When you are already climbing up or improving, expect that other people will ridicule you. You will have a lot of critics along the way. But take that as a good sign. Most successful people have a fair share of critics. You need to be up for that challenge. And try not to get affected.  

Only Have Plan A   

Many people think that this is not good advice. After all, shouldn’t we create back up plans all the time? While that can be true in some cases, the negative implication is that you will not work too hard for your core plan. It’s because you always have a mindset that you have other plans to work on.   

If you want to be successful, give your 100% for it.    

Reward Yourself For Small Milestones   

Instead of always looking at the long shot, appreciate your small milestones. A progress is still a progress, no matter how small it is. Treat yourself or relax for a bit. This could help you regain the energy to do more. If you keep on hustling without taking a rest, then you might get burnt out.    

Stop Being A Perfectionist   

Of course, it is always good to aim for perfection. But often times, it could stop you from doing what you love because you tend to overthink. And when you think, you leave less room to act. However, if you want results, actions should be done.   

Remind Yourself Of Your Past Achievements   

When self-doubt is striking again, always remember the things you’ve done successfully in the past. That can boost your confidence, and you will be pumped to do more.   

Be Open To New Things   

Even the best and most successful people know that they still have more to learn. In that case, you should adapt to that mindset. There are many ways to improve and to add more to your knowledge. Even a simple conversation with different people can make you smarter. Join different informal classes, or in your case, you can ask professors from other courses if you can sit in their class.   

Start Loving Your Imperfections   

Embrace the fact that you have flaws. We all do. And it’s about time that you love yourself despite your imperfections. But that doesn’t mean you should not do anything about your weaknesses. Whenever possible, still try to work on it. And as for your strengths, be confident enough to show it to the world.  

Be Flexible  

Just in case you exhausted all your efforts and there is nothing you can do anymore, don’t be afraid to restructure your plans. Those who know how to adjust can thrive in any condition. Bear that in mind.    

Surround Yourself With Good People   

And lastly, you should choose your circle. Make sure that you surround yourself with the right folks. They should have a positive influence on you. Or if they are providing criticisms, it is for you to improve and not to question your abilities.   

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