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How Can You Evaluate A First Job Offer 

You’ve aced your interview, and you are tempted to sign a contract. But before you jump into that big decision, make sure that you have evaluated everything. You see, a job is a commitment. And while yes, you can always resign, it will show in your record. And most of the time, hiring managers will not be impressed that you left your job after just a couple of months.  

Do More Research About The Company  

We know that you’ve probably read a thing or two about the company. After all, you’ve passed the application process. But since you already have a job offer, you need to make sure that you know more information about the company. Read news and reviews from its previous employees. From there, you can gauge if the culture and the work environment will suit you well.  

Learn The Salary  

As a fresh graduate, perhaps you don’t have a lot of expectations about the salary. What you can do is to look at other companies in a similar industry. That’s how you are going to check the average compensation you can expect. Plus, don’t forget about the employee benefits.  

Know your worth and know how much you can bring to the company. You can always negotiate the salary. But never be arrogant because being one will get you nowhere.  

Travel Time  

You must also consider your travel time. Is it too far from your current home? If yes, you have to know your priorities and see if you badly want the job. If you want it, then look for a home or apartment nearer your work. Otherwise, you will waste a lot of money on daily commutes. And yes, you need to spend too much on transportation costs.  

As someone who’s just starting, that is impractical.  

Career Growth  

You must also check if you have room to grow in the company. You wouldn’t want to stay stagnant for years. If you allow that to happen, it’s as if you are delaying your plans for the future. Don’t be afraid to ask about your career path and see if it will work for you. 

Talk To Other People  

If you have friends who are already working in the same industry, you can ask about their thoughts on the company. Usually, they know industry news that is not out in the open. If there are many controversies that you think might not sit well with you, then you can always politely decline the offer.  

How To Decline A Job Offer  

We know that it can be awkward to turn down an offer. But just so you know, it happens all the time. However, you need to be polite when doing so. Be honest with your reasons. If you make lousy excuses, they will surely know.   

What To Do After Signing Your Contract  

When you are done with your contract, you will be asked to complete the requirements. And of course, your starting date will be given.  

Practice Your Commute  

But before your first day, you need to prepare as well. This is so you can leave a good impression. For example, if you need to take the train or public transportation, gauge how many minutes it will take you to travel. Don’t be late on your first day.  

List Down Your Ideas  

If you have ideas that could help the business, then list them down. We are not saying that you have to propose them on the first day of work. You can always observe the current practices and see if your ideas would fit there. When the right time comes, then you can always suggest your thoughts. And who knows if it will be implemented?  

Learn More About Your Colleagues And Bosses  

It’s easy to do your research today. Get familiar with your colleagues and bosses even before your first day. This is possible if you use LinkedIn. At least it would be easier for you to form a common ground, and you can all work harmoniously.  

So, are you ready to take a job offer, or are you willing to turn it down? Hopefully, this article was able to help you. Whatever your decision is, we know that you will use your best judgment.  

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