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Hottest Online Degrees In Today’s Job Market

If you are eager to obtain your college degree but don’t want to spend your time commuting back and forth to campus and sitting in a classroom, you can instead opt to get your degree online. A very popular option for individuals who already have full-time careers or family responsibilities, more and more colleges and universities are now making most if not all of their degree programs available online. No matter what interests you, chances are you can find an online degree program that will be a perfect match. If you’re ready to hit the job market in 2020 but want to do so with a college degree in your pocket, here are the top degree programs currently in high demand.


Even before the coronavirus crisis began, the demand for registered nurses across the United States was skyrocketing. Now more than ever, hospitals and other medical facilities are seeking as many registered nurses as possible. Since many nurses start their careers by obtaining an Associate’s degree, getting an BSN online is the perfect way to gain additional knowledge and advance one’s career while still working full-time. Offering the chance to obtain knowledge in many specialties, an online nursing degree is definitely the ticket to career advancement.

Business Administration

If you are working in a company and want to move up the career ladder, obtaining a degree in Business Administration can be your ticket to success. Whether you are seeking a Bachelor’s degree or an MBA, you can find numerous schools that offer these online degree programs. Best of all, most will offer you the chance to specialize in a certain area of business, such as finance, marketing, human resources, or accounting.


As more aspects of today’s society moves online, criminals have also done so, creating the need for those who are skilled in various aspects of cybersecurity. If you love a challenge each day, pay close attention to details, and have an interest in all things computer, an online degree in cybersecurity will provide you with skills that are needed by companies everywhere. Whether you are thwarting the efforts of online hackers or creating websites that are more secure for your company, this degree will allow you to virtually choose where you want to work and how much you want to be paid.


If you have always wanted to have your own business, you can learn how to do so by obtaining an online degree in Entrepreneurship. Similar to many typical business degrees, these degrees also focus specifically on certain aspects unique to owning a business, such as product development, business plans, venture financing, and strategic planning. Even if you decide to ultimately work for someone else, possessing a degree in this area will position you to quickly move up the career ladder with your employer.


If you have always wondered about the human condition and what makes people tick, obtain your online degree in psychology. Once you do, you can start toward a career as a social worker, substance abuse counselor, school psychologist, or other position that will let you help people of all ages and backgrounds. If you pursue this online degree, expect to take courses on abnormal psychology, child psychology, research methods, and much more.

While it takes a tremendous amount of self-motivation to complete a college degree online, the payoff is well worth the effort. Whether you choose to focus on healthcare, business, information technology, or other areas, pursuing your online degree will not only give you a tremendous amount of satisfaction once completed, but also open up many exciting career opportunities.

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