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Here’s Why College Students Are Addicted To Bridgerton

If you’ve glued yourself to Netflix lately, perhaps you’ve seen Bridgerton’s trailer. Or maybe you’ve watched all the episodes. And yes, it is insanely popular nowadays. If you are wondering why, then this post could help you. And maybe, you could schedule one weekend to wrap everything.  

What It’s All About?  

Bridgerton is Netflix’ latest series based on Julia Quinn’s novels. It premiered in December 2020 and people went crazy over it. The story was set in London during the 1800s. Thus, expect a lot of fancy outfits and corsets. It circles around Miss Daphne during a debutante season where ladies are looking for their right mate

Why People Love The Series?  

Who Doesn’t Like Gossip?  

Admit it, we are always looking for the latest and juiciest gossips around town. And that’s what Bridgerton is good at. Have you seen Gossip Girl years ago? Think of something like that, only that the casts speak more eloquently.  

The Beautiful People  

We are all visual creatures. That’s a fact. And what Bridgerton offers are beautiful faces. You might begin to ask yourself if these are real people because boy, they look like Gods and Goddesses.  

It’s Easy To Digest  

Well, since most people are stressed out – thanks to the pandemic, we just want something that will not make us think too deeply. Some people will say that Bridgerton is shallow and not worth the hype. If you want something that puzzles your brain, then this might not sit well with you. But if you are someone who just wants to enjoy a bowl of popcorn and soda during weekends, we say go for it.  

It’s Intriguing  

Can you really imagine how people back in the day handle controversies? Can you think of yourself being a woman with the ultimate goal of finding the right match? And you are not even 18 yet! How can you break the norms? How can you speak up?  

Well, without much of a surprise, these issues are still evident in the current days.  

Intimate Scenes  

We’re not kids here so let’s be straightforward. The intimate scenes are a plus too. And because the characters have perfectly chiseled faces and bodies, you wouldn’t want to miss even a split second.  

Mixed Races  

Another great thing about the series is that there is diversity. We’re done watching movies where all the lead characters look the same. They certainly added a whole lot of flavors which keeps the series even more interesting.  

The Songs Are Cool  

People also loved the arrangement of modern and pop songs. They turned them into classical arrangement which we have to say, worked perfectly. Whoever thought of this was a genius.  

Lady Whistledown Is Interesting  

For some, this doesn’t come as a surprise. Nevertheless, Lady Whistledown has a very interesting personality. She’s like an unseen enemy.  

And if you are wishing for the next season, don’t worry. You are not alone. We are all waiting patiently.  

Signs That You Are Addicted to Netflix  

Since we are already talking about Netflix, we understand that there are many college students who seem addicted to it. And we can’t blame them. However, if it is already affecting your relationship with others, or if your grades are in jeopardy, then you might want to do something about it. In the next section, let’s talk about how you can manage your time properly. And at the same time, still be able to enjoy your favorite series on Netflix.  

Have A Fixed Schedule  

When you are a college student, you need to know your priorities. And as of the moment, studying should be above finishing a Netflix series. But of course, we know that you want to enjoy it a bit. Perhaps, you can have one episode every other night. 

Take A Look At Your Class Performance  

Before you go all crazy with the latest series, you have to evaluate your school performance. If you think you need to work twice as much, then delay your plans of having a Netflix marathon. After all, you can always watch it whenever you can.  

Have A Watch Buddy  

And to limit your watching time, perhaps you can have a watching buddy and set a schedule to watch together. At least you need to wait for them before you can hit the play button. That leaves you more room to do things related to school. 

Know when is the right time to study and to watch. At the end of the day, getting addicted is never a good thing.  

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