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Here is how volunteering is helping students like you land a job in their field of study

Volunteering is a popular way for college-bound high school students to add depth and value to their college applications. Students who continue to volunteer while in college benefit in multiple ways.

Hone New Skills

Volunteering in your field of study provides the opportunity to try out the job before you commit to a position in the real world. A volunteer position gives you the chance to apply what you learn in the classroom in real scenarios. You will also learn important real-world skills like time-management, leadership, and problem-solving.

A volunteer position can be as beneficial as an internship. The difference is that your efforts as a volunteer will improve the lives of others. As a volunteer, you will have the chance to see the immediate implications of your efforts.

Create New Connections

A Linkedin study reported that 85 percent of new jobs are acquired through connections with others. Volunteer work will open new connections even if your plans do not include work in the non-profit sector. Many charity groups work along with private businesses and other organizations.

As a volunteer, you are in the perfect position to meet the people who may offer helpful advice. The same people you meet may put you on the path to your first job. Volunteering helps you form lifelong connections before you get into the working world.

Add to Your Resume

Finding your first job after graduation comes down to a contest between yourself and other recent college graduates. The addition of experience as a volunteer may be what sets you apart from other applicants. Volunteering makes your resume look better than the competition.

A study conducted by the Corporation for National and Community Service revealed that employers are 82 percent more likely to hire an applicant with a record of volunteer service. The same study revealed that future employers are 85 percent more apt to look past resume mistakes if the candidate has volunteer experience.

Put New Balance in Your Life

College life is unlike any other time in your life. That is not to say that it is not filled with stress and challenges. Volunteering builds time management and other skills, and it provides unseen benefits. The chance to serve others in any capacity can give you a sense of balance and purpose. Service gives you a chance to get out of your head for a little while.

Taking Your Career for a Test Drive

Another benefit of volunteering is the ability to expose yourself to the daily routine of the job you aspire to without the long term commitment. Most career choices have a variety of paths within them. Through your volunteer efforts, you will have the opportunity to experience different flavors of your career field. A volunteer position gives you the ability to try out different aspects of your new career without the risks that come from changing jobs too often after graduation.

Community involvement benefits everyone. As a student, volunteerism impacts your life while you are in school and beyond. Even after graduation, the skills learned while volunteering will impact your life in both professional roles and your personal life.

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