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Gifts Under $30, Best For College Students 

College students, as we always say, are mostly stressed out. So giving them simple gifts could mean a lot. However, we do understand that many of us are working on a tight budget. Having said that, what are the best things for college students that you can give BUT less than $30.  

Don’t worry, we have a list perfect for you.  

Night Light Bluetooth Speaker  

Most of the time, college students would like to listen to cool jams to relax their brains. With this Bluetooth speaker, you can play songs and have a lamp to set the mood. If one needs to sleep and have a soothing sound of nature, this could work perfectly.  

Handmade Earrings  

If you have ‘fashionista’ college friends, we bet they will appreciate handmade earrings. What we love about these things is that you can see the effort and love in making them. One will surely standout wearing funky accessories to class.  

4-in-1 Wireless Charging Dock Station  

If you are giving someone who’s an Apple user, then this charging dock station should be your best bet. It can charge all Apple devices, including iPhone and Apple pencil. The best part – their nightstand will look organized and clean. This is especially ideal if they are living in a cramped space such as their dormitory.  

100 Movies Scratch Off Poster  

For those who love movies and would always invite you for a Netflix-type of weekend, this gift is the best you could find. Once they have watched a specific movie, they can scratch it off and they will see cool trivia about it

Throw Blanket  

Sometimes, after a long week of exams and reports, college students would just like to lounge over the weekend. Why don’t you give them a throw blanket so they will feel comfortable all day? They could watch their favorite TV series or just read a good book, while being hugged by your gift.  

Essential Oil Diffuser  

You’ve probably heard a lot of people getting crazy over their essential oils. Well, you can’t blame them. These things work, and it’s perfect for stressed-out students. Now, if you know someone who’s using essential oils, why don’t you get them a diffuser instead. We’re sure they will love it!  

Colored Pencils  

Maybe you are thinking that colored pencils are for kids. But you know what, it’s a great gift idea for college students. The thing is, most students are glued to their laptops and smartphones. It’s always a nice break to get an actual paper and do some artwork. With your colored pencils, they could relive their childhood days as well. And yes, it could be good for their emotional health too.  

Wine Soaps  

Yes, you read that right. There are wine soaps that could give one a relaxing shower. Plus, it promises to make you look good too. For your friends who love to stay gorgeous, getting them these wine soaps is a must. Actually, you can get one for yourself too. It’s not bad to treat yourself once in a while. 

NASA Logo T-Shirt  

Do you have a genius university friend who will certainly pass as a NASA expert? If yes, then get them this shirt. It’s nerd-ish and cool at the same time. We actually want one for ourselves. It’s that amazing!   

Slim Wallet  

In today’s age, people want minimalist things. This includes their wallets. After all, only a few people are carrying cash. They are mostly using cards, so a slim wallet is a good choice as a gift. 

Face Mask  

Since we are living a new normal now, giving your friends their own stylish face mask is always a brilliant idea. Plus, there are cool designs to choose from. Get something that reflects their personality and you are all good.   

Insulated Lunch Bag  

You see, even college students can bring packed lunch. In fact, that’s more ideal considering the bad food choices all over. Plus, it can save you tons of cash. If your college buddy is always packing meals, then an insulated bag should do the trick.  

Amazon Gift Card  

If you don’t have an idea what to give your college buddies, then just get them an Amazon gift card and spare yourself from a headache. At least they have the choice to get something they would truly love. Get this as your last resort though.  

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