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Gifts for a Stressed-Out College Student

It’s already a given fact that college or university life can be stressful. And if you have friends who are currently studying in college, you might want to make their days brighter by giving them some fantastic gift ideas. We’ve created this list and asked several students about the best things that can lessen their stress levels. Use this as a guide and make one college student happy!   

Homesick Candles  

Did you know that there are homesick candles where you can smell your home even if you are miles away? We’re pretty sure that anyone would appreciate this simple gift. Imagine sleeping relaxed and just feeling that you are only at home. It’s rejuvenating, and it will make anyone even more pumped up to study once again.   

Ostrich Pillow   

Instead of buying them regular pillows, why not have something that they can use anywhere. The ostrich pillows are designed to cover you up even if you take a short nap at the library. If you must know, short naps are essential, especially if you have many things to complete, and you need an energy booster.   

Portable Ping Pong Kit   

This might sound weird for some, but a lot of college students enjoy ping pong. But we can’t blame them. After all, it’s a fun game, and it’s a great way to kill time. At least they can now play whenever and wherever they want. Just a nice table, and they are all set.  

Giant Beanbag   

These giant beanbags are so comfortable, you can easily sleep right away. And as we all know, college students are mostly sleep-deprived. If they still have an extra space in their dormitory, you can get them a giant beanbag where they could take power naps during the examination week.   

Eyestrain Glasses   

Education today heavily relies on technology. This means many students are using their laptops or their tablets to study and do their research. And this can result in eyestrain. At times, it can lead to damaged eyes. Before that happens, get them a pair of eyestrain glasses so they can study with ease without enduring headaches.  

Sleep Promoting Light Bulb   

Interestingly, there are light bulbs that can promote sleep. If you must know, those who are stressed or anxious usually have a hard time sleeping. But with this technology, you can help them get enough rest, and it will essentially improve their overall health.   

Portable Movie Theater   

College students need breaks as well. And to make it more exciting, get them their own portable movie theater so they can spend Friday nights and weekends watching their favorite shows and movies from Netflix. Sometimes, it’s healthy to temporarily forget your lessons and just enjoy.   

Free Tickets to Concerts and Amusement Parks   

Again, here’s another great gift idea for a stressed-out college student. Why don’t you give them tickets to their favorite concerts? Or perhaps, get tickets in an amusement park. After all, no one is really too old for Ferris wheel and roller coasters.  

A Nice Pair of Fuzzy Socks   

If they want to relax all day in bed, make sure they have a nice pair of fuzzy socks. It will make them feel more comfortable. These are usually soft and ideal for cold weather. In fact, you should get a pair for yourself too. We’re sure you are going to enjoy it!   

Face Masks   

With all the stress and sleepless nights, most college students forget to take care of their skin. The fastest way to give their skin a boost is to provide them with face masks. Fortunately, there are different kinds available in the market, and you can easily get online.   

Stress-Relief Squishy   

For those who are always tense and would like to have a quick outlet, you should give them their own squishy. We recommend getting the pocket-sized ones so they can bring it anywhere they go. Some of the cutest ones are animal designs and even cupcakes.    

To-Do Notepad   

While most of us are using digital planners, experts still suggest to manually write down your to-dos. Seeing your schedule plotted can release some stress. Give them ready-made designs, or you can have it personalized. Either way, it will be amazing.   

Most of the ideas we’ve listed here are affordable. You don’t have to spend too much to make a stressed-out college student feel appreciated. So, get the best one and send it right away.   

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