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Get A Break From Social Media, Here’s Why

Most college students are quite addicted to their social media. During their free time, you would see them scrolling non-stop. And if you are guilty about this, the post is perfect for you. It’s about time that you detach yourself and we have the reasons for you.  

Why You Need A Break From Social Media  

It Increases The Feeling Of Depression  

If you must know, spending too much time on social media can lead to anxiety and even depression. And if you are having emotional challenges right now, you might need to stay away from social media. Generally, people post the happy moments of their lives. And that could make you feel that yours isn’t the best. That could make you feel bad about your current situation, even if in reality everyone is going through their own challenge.  

It’s a Distraction  

When you are addicted to social media, it’s as if you want to know every single thing that happens around. And because of that, you tend to ignore and neglect other important things in your life. This includes your reports and exams.  

You Start To Live A Sedentary Life  

Another reason why you have to say bye to social media right now is that you don’t have time to be active. You are always sitting down and scrolling through your feed.  

Signs That You Need To Stay Away From Social Media  

You Have Been Feeling Down  

If scrolling through your feed makes you feel sad, then what’s the point of being there? If you always compare yourself with others, then it’s a clear sign that you have to take a break. You need positivity in your life, and if you can’t get that online, then just leave for a while.  

You Are Getting Sick  

Since you do not have physical activities, you are now weaker. You can’t even run for a couple of minutes. And you are running out of breath when you take the stairs.  

See if social media is consuming most of your time that you can’t even spare 20 minutes to run around the block or do some meditation.  

Your Grades Are Failing   

Here’s another sign that you must have a break from Facebook or Instagram, or whatever social media accounts you have. Take a look at your current performance at the university. Is it still satisfactory? Or are you on the verge of failing?  

You might be lacking focus and having your smartphone glued to your hand should be limited.  

Your Personal Relationship Is In Jeopardy  

Check if your relationship with your families and friends is still good. For example, you are eating with them and you can’t even have a decent conversation because you are always checking your phone. That’s going to ruin your good relationship with the people you love.   

How To Take A Break From Social Media  

Set A Time To Check Social Media  

If you can’t 100% let go of social media because there might announcements from your organizations or schoolmates, then you should set a time instead. Just check your social media for a couple of minutes and log out. Go to important groups where you need to check announcements and that’s it.  

Turn Off Your Notifications  

You can’t log out? Then a lesser drastic step is to turn off your notifications. These notifications can be a distraction as well. You are tempted to open your accounts and leave whatever you are currently doing. 

Join Traditional Clubs and Organizations  

You have to keep yourself busy doing offline things. Why not join sporting clubs? Or how about join groups that hike every week? Going out and seeing nature will certainly make you forget about the online world. You see, the world has a lot to offer. It’s better than what you can see in digital format. Make sure to appreciate it. 

Place It Away From Your Bed  

Hours before your bedtime, place your phone away from your bed. That way, you can’t physically reach out to it in case you got bored. A good alternative is to have your book beside you. Or have a journal so you can write down your thoughts.   

If you think that it has become a serious addiction, then you must consult a professional so they could help you. This might seem odd for some but this thing happens. Outside support is needed so you can go back to your normal life.  

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