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Fun Online Games You Can Play With Friends, College Tips

The number of online gamers nowadays has increasingly increased as we divert into more in-house activities due to the pandemic. It has offered a form of entertainment. And for some, a source of living while staying at home. Online games can be a great way to enhance memory, improve the brain’s speed and concentration while connecting and socializing with people online.

As this generation explores the other benefits that online gaming offers, here are some of the best online games you can explore together with your offline and online friends.

7 Fun Online Games to Try Out Today


A classic game that can be enjoyed with friends and loved ones, scrabble can be enjoyed online too. Among the many benefits of playing scrabble on top of the fun it brings is that it helps in sharpening cognitive skills and is a friendlier and less competitive way to drown away those boring afternoons. Monopoly can be quite competitive for you and your friends, scrabble is the best option for you. Download the game on your smartphone and enjoy a mini-meltdown with friends as you play this game all day long.


Minecraft is an interactive multiplayer game that can be played alone but played best with friends. Create buildings from blocks you gather around your World, fight zombies or finish missions with friends. What’s great about the game is the number of games and adventures you get to enjoy inside the Minecraft world. Discover treasures or fight the Elder dragon. Whether in creative or adventure mode, Minecraft is a very entertaining online game to enjoy. Interestingly, several Youtubers started out their successful careers playing and streaming Minecraft.

Among Us

Another fun online mind game you can enjoy with friends is Among Us. The concept is quite easy. All you need to do is to find the impostor among your crewmates to win the game.  It is a game of friendships and betrayal too, pitting one character with the other in the attempt to locate the impostor. It can accommodate up to 15 players all at the same time that could provide you extra hours of fun and entertainment online.

Quiz Challenges

Quiz challenges can never grow old. They can provide hours and days of fun with friends and families of all ages. It can be played among classmates too. Teachers can create simple quiz games online and assign them to students to play. It can be based on their actual lessons too. There are thousands of quiz apps to choose from and keep you entertained in between studying or while trying to catch up with friends.

Grand Theft Auto V

Conquering the streets while staying in the comfort and safety of your home has never been fun and entertaining with Grand Theft Auto V. This role-playing game is located in the fictional city of San Andreas. It is about three criminals and how they evade the pressure brought upon them by the government agency. Players can go for the third-person or first-person more as they navigate around the world in flashy cars, motorbikes, and other vehicles. 

Although limited to a few players, it can provide tons of fun and adventure as players take control of the personalities of their online characters. Missions are quite challenging too and may be frustrating at times. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions to enjoy. Shooting is also included during gameplay.  Stealing vehicles are also one of the highlights to try during gameplay. However, with several violent themes in the game, this game would be best among older teens and young adults.

Multiplayer games are among the most popular games enjoyed by the young and old online. Studies show that playing video games can also improve friendship and camaraderie amongst players. Even while playing against each other, players still get to enjoy friendships as they work together, or against each other while they share experiences inside the game. Developing problem-solving skills, leadership skills, and dealing with stress and pressure are some of the other benefits of playing online games. On top of these, it is a fun way to connect with friends and have a good time, even while located in different parts of the world.

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