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Fun Activities During Study Breaks for College Students

There’s no doubt that college life can be extremely exhausting. It seems that most of us are overwhelmed with the challenging exams given by our instructors and professors. And we bet that after a long day, you would just want to lie down in bed and sleep. But is that the routine you want? Why not make your college life even more interesting? You see, you can use your study breaks to have fun (and to stay healthy). And we have the best activities for you. So, read on and invite your friends to try some of these. You can thank us later!   

Go for a Brief Walk  

Some of you might think that walking is no fun. But just try it out. Go around your campus, and you’d certainly find some hidden gem. You are probably in a seated position for long periods of time when studying. But to stay healthy and to make sure that your brain is in optimal condition, you should shake your body a bit and keep moving. Go for a walk around the campus. Or if you want more intensity, you can always run around the block. We want to emphasize that it should be brief. A 10-minute walk or run should do you just fine.    

Meditate and Relax   

We know you want to study as long as you can. But you also have to give yourself a break. If you want to improve your focus, you can always try to meditate. Fortunately, there are a lot of online materials that can help you focus. A quick search on YouTube and you’d find meditation guides. It takes your mind off your subjects, and you will be surprised that you are more than pumped up to study after your meditation session.   

Treat Yourself for Healthy Snacks   

Never allow yourself to get hungry when studying. So during study breaks, we recommend that you eat. But you have to be picky with your food. Stay away from burgers and friends, or anything ‘junk’. Make sure you have a healthy stash like peanuts, fruits, or even veggies.   

Watch Funny Videos   

We know that by laughing, you can activate your brain’s dopamine, and this is essential to boost your long-term memory. So how about treating yourself for a couple of funny videos while on a study break? Or perhaps, scroll your feed for some hilarious memes. But of course, limit yourself because this can be addicting as well. Set a timer and have a maximum of 15-minute laughing session.   

Clean Up Your Desk   

When studying, we know that our desks or study areas could be cluttered. And while some people can function well in a cluttered space, most would prefer a clean desk. Use your study breaks to clear up the mess, and you will be more eager to go back and study again.   

Have a Quick Shower   

Are you still feeling stressed? In that case, you might want to take a quick shower. According to experts, a cold shower is more effective to get your blood flowing. Just take your mind off your studies and wash away all the stress.  

Call Your Family and Friends   

If you are living away from your family and friends, calling them up during study breaks is also a great idea. Let’s thank technology because we can stay connected even if we are miles away from our loved ones. But be disciplined enough to cut your conversation short. After all, you wouldn’t want to spend hours over the phone, would you?   

Do Something Creative   

Also, have a creative outlet when you are on your study break. We’re seeing a lot of adult coloring books online, and you might want to purchase those. Maybe you can do a bit of painting on the side. Or if you know how to play an instrument, then go ahead and do it.   

The objective of these study breaks is to give your brain time to rest. Try to imagine a machine working non-stop. Eventually, it will get damaged easily. The same principle applies to our brains. We need to let it breathe as well. Otherwise, you will reach your boiling point, and it could be a cause of mental blocks during exams. Of course, you wouldn’t want that to happen, would you?   

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