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Freshmen Guide, How To Survive Your First Year Of College  

College can be extremely fun. For most people, it’s where you get to taste independence. However, we do understand that some students feel overwhelmed. They often wonder, what changes they need to work on? How should they act? Or will they even survive?   

If you are one of these students, this post is perfect for you. We will share with you a few recommendations on how to survive your freshmen year, and at the same time have fun.  

Choose A Course That You Would Likely Enjoy  

We personally know a lot of students who took a university course without having an informed decision. While some can finish the degree without having problems, others tend to drop out. It’s hard to force yourself to do something that you don’t enjoy. And that is why we recommend that you choose a course according to your priorities.   

You’ve probably read a lot of articles saying that you have to follow your passion. On some level, that could be true and could be done. However, we also have to be realistic. We need to find a balance. If possible, choose a course that you have an interest in and at the same time, will eventually bring food to your table.   

Attend The Orientations   

Orientations are held for a reason, and you should attend these. A simple campus tour or learning existing organizations should be a good first step.   

Start A Healthy Morning Ritual   

Back in high school, you are probably more relaxed. You wake up, go straight to the shower, grab a bowl of cereal, and you are good to go. But in college, we highly recommend that you start your day right and with a routine that can set a good mood.   

Try to wake up earlier than usual, enjoy a few moments, and visualize a perfect day. You see, college can be stressful at first because the requirements could be overwhelming. You need to declutter your mind at the onset to take on the challenges.   

Practice Good Time Management   

In college, a good time management skill will go a long way. And that’s what you have to work on as early as you can. You may not be using a planner in high school, but that can certainly help at the university. You can use your smartphone’s calendar or go traditional by writing your schedule in a planner. Learn how to prioritize activities.   

Treat All People With Respect   

There is no room for being rude in college. For example, you find your professor to be too strict. You can’t simply throw tantrums or confront them right then and there. There’s always a proper venue to approach your professors like during their office hours. Talk to them like a real adult.   

Likewise, never be a bully or be bullied. Know when to stand your ground and reach out to necessary people if you experience harassment. There are support groups in your university and you should never feel you are alone.   

Don’t Compromise Your Health   

It can be tempting to stay late up at night and party. And yes, we encourage you to attend some of those because it’s a good place to have a network. Plus, you deserve to have fun too. However, always know your boundaries. Learn when to say no and see if partying still fit your academic schedule.   

Look For A Good Social Circle   

Also, make sure to surround yourself with people who can influence you to be better. While your life’s decisions will depend on you, the people you spend most of your time with can certainly have a bearing. Thus, be with a group that has values and goals aligned with yours. As you make genuine friends, surviving the freshmen year will be easier.   

Never Skip Your Class   

And of course, you should never skip your class unless you have a valid reason. There’s so much to miss out when you do, and it would be challenging to keep up. Your schedule would be ruined and it might cause a domino effect.   

To be honest, you shouldn’t be scared with the freshmen year. You can make your first year fun and enjoyable. Hopefully, the list above can help you. 

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