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Five Tips That Should Help You Get Ready to Study Abroad

If your college offers study abroad programs, you should consider enrolling into one of these programs. When you study abroad, you’ll have the opportunity to complete your studies while living in a place that you’ve likely never been to before, which can help introduce you to new cultures and ways of living. The language skills you learn along the way can also be highly beneficial for future job prospects. If you’re interested in studying abroad, you should be fully prepared for this experience. Here are five of the most important tips that should help you prepare for studying abroad as a student.

Apply for a Visa and Passport

The first and most important thing to do when you’re getting ready to study abroad is to apply for a passport and visa. If you accidentally skip this step and don’t remember until the last minute, it may be too late to obtain a visa and passport before your date of departure. If you already have a passport, make sure that it won’t expire during your stay in another country. It’s possible to apply for a passport at a passport agency, certain post offices, and state/federal courts of records.

While it can take upwards of 6-12 months to receive your passport, an expedited passport can be obtained in less than a month if you pay extra. You might also require a visa in order to study abroad, which all depends on the country you intend to stay in. You can check the visa requirements for every country at this link.

Consider Travel Insurance

You never know when you’re going to get in an accident or become sick when studying abroad. To account for these possibilities, consider purchasing travel insurance. This insurance policy will provide additional coverage for a delayed/canceled flight, any lost luggage, and evacuation expenses in the event of a natural disaster or health emergency.

Research Everything About Your Destination

You’ll want to conduct extensive research about the place you’re moving to if you want to be comfortable while studying abroad. Try to learn more about your destination’s culture, customs, government, history, and people. You should also do your best to avoid acting like a tourist, which means that you should avoid wearing white tennis shoes and should take the time to learn the basics of the language. You can enhance your language skills by watching foreign movies or using tools like Duolingo.

Think About Money

No matter where you study abroad, the currency is going to be different. Most students who study abroad will use online bank accounts for all of their banking needs. If you have a debit card that’s tied to this account, you can use this card to obtain local currency. Make sure that you also carry some extra cash with you, which could be anywhere from $50-$200. Before you fly to your new destination, inform your bank that you’re going overseas to study. Otherwise, they could flag transactions through your bank account as fraud, which could result in your bank account being closed.

Pack Light

You shouldn’t pack your entire closet when going overseas. If you don’t pack light, you’ll also be required to pay a significant amount of money for luggage fees at the airport. To keep expenses down, take a day bag, a checked bag, and a personal item. Make sure that you have enough power adapters for your electronics and that you have extra pairs of glasses or contact lenses.

Studying abroad is an exciting opportunity for students who have access to it. If you’ve never been to another country before, studying abroad could provide you with an experience that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. It’s also a great way to learn more about who you are as you progress through college.

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