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Five Tips on How to Survive Your Freshman Year of College

The college setting provides an entirely different experience when compared to a high school setting, which means that it will almost certainly take some time for you to adjust. It’s also important to understand that college coursework is typically extensive and time-consuming to complete, which many students aren’t prepared for. If you want to survive your freshman year of college, make sure that you follow these five guidelines.

Treat Professors and Staff Members with Respect

Whether you attend an on-campus university or an online college, it’s essential that you treat every professor or staff member with respect whenever you interact with them. The stress of college can take its toll, which is why it’s recommended that you work on reducing your stress levels as you progress through your freshman year of college. Otherwise, your anger could result in you arguing with a teacher or being rude to a staff member. Be nice and smile when you speak with teachers, janitorial staff, and cafeteria staff. You’ll find that your freshman year is much more manageable if you make sure to respect the adults at your college.

Get Ample Amounts of Sleep

Falling asleep during class is never fun and could cause you to miss out on some important details of a lesson. To mitigate this issue, make sure that you get ample amounts of sleep. While doing so can be difficult if you live in a dorm, try to get to sleep at a reasonable time most nights. If you find that your lack of sleep is starting to catch up to you, consider taking a 45-minute nap to rejuvenate. While your sleep schedule is certainly going to change when you head off to college, it doesn’t need to change dramatically.

Get Involved On Your Campus

The majority of colleges host numerous clubs and organizations that you can join to connect with other people and learn more about what the college has to offer. These clubs provide students with the opportunity to meet other students who have common interests. The many different clubs that are hosted on campus can include volunteering, academics, politics, and sports clubs.

Use Organizational Tools When Possible

When you’re attending college, you’ll likely find that there are numerous responsibilities for you to balance. During the school year, it will be up to you to keep track of test dates, assignment due dates, project meetings, and work deadlines. To make sure that you stay on top of these responsibilities, consider using some organizational tools to assist you. These tools can include smartphone apps like Todoist, a paper calendar, Google Calendar, and a physical planner.

Hire an Expert to Assist You

College coursework is considerably more intensive than the coursework provided to you in high school, which you should be prepared for. No matter how well you prepare, there’s always a possibility that the coursework is too difficult or the tests too frustrating. If you want to be certain that your grades remain high, consider hiring an expert to complete your tests and coursework for you. Our experts can help you pass any course with an A or B grade.

Almost every student needs an adjustment period to get used to the changes that come with college life. However, the aforementioned tips should make your freshman year of college much easier to get through.

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