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Five Reasons to Pick a Public University for the Upcoming Year

There are several things to consider when you start looking at which school you want to attend. Private universities, community colleges, military academies, public universities, and religious schools all offer something a little different to students. Some people are impressed by the prestige of a private university. Even so, there are many reasons to consider a public university instead.

Reason 1 – Cost

In general, tuition is lower at a public university. State schools receive federal and state education funds which mean the school is not as dependent on tuition dollars for operating costs. State school populations tend to be larger creating a large pool of incoming funds which lowers the cost for everyone.

Another benefit of attending a state school is the chance to take advantage of in-state tuition costs. If you live in the state, you will pay a lower price per credit hour than an out-of-state student.

Reason 2 – More Degree Program Choices

Public universities tend to offer more educational options. You will find more degree programs and a larger variety of courses. This is great for students who come to school without a clear major choice. It is also good news for students who want to add a special niche to their overall career choice.

Reason 3 – Population Diversity

Private universities tend to have a smaller student population. For some, this may be just as they want it. However, a public university may be preferred if you are looking for a chance to meet more people with a variety of backgrounds and ideas.

Due in part to the lower costs, public universities attract students from different backgrounds, cultures, and geographical areas. Beyond the chance to interact with people outside of your own experiences, interacting with a variety of people will better prepare you for the real world. Learning how to relate to people with different ideas and backgrounds as a student will put you ahead of the curve as you venture into your future career.

Reason 4 – Greater Variety of Programs and Activities

State schools provide a wider variety of events for the student body. Public universities, given the larger population, often build larger facilities for these types of events. Concerts, lectures, expert speakers, and sporting events are available in greater numbers at public universities.

The variety of interests represented at state schools is larger than a smaller, less populated private universities. More professors mean more opportunities to meet experts in a variety of fields. More student clubs means more of a chance to find your niche among your classmates.

Reason 5 – Better Networking Building Opportunities

Larger student populations offer more chances to make and keep connections, especially among those who are going into the same industry. Also, industry leaders come to universities in search of interns and volunteers for their projects. When these connections are made through the school’s campus career center, at a job fair, or even through a professor or instructor, the potential connection may become a very valuable one in your professional network.

Although a public university may not be at the top of your list, it is worth a trip to the campus to see the benefits for yourself. Speak with alumni about their experiences. Explore the opportunities the state school offers before you make your final decision.

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