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Five Exam Success Methods You Never Knew

Examinations are designed to test students’ mastery of course materials. Different strategies have been designed to help learners perform better in exams. Markedly, most of these plans are behavior-based and are aimed at enhancing the effectiveness of study sessions.

Prepare in Advance

Procrastination is an incurable ‘disease’ that affects all students. While some people are worse off than others, every individual experiences some level of stalling. Procrastination can be less harmful in some ventures; the weakness is more damaging in examinations. Content comprehension cannot be achieved overnight, especially for subjects that are either technical or voluminous. One must prepare in advance and buildup understanding by relating different concepts to establish coherence. Ideas that have been studied over time are more likely to be retained and remembered than those memorized in a rush, a day or two before the exam day.

Mock Exams

Multiple factors determine the outcome of exams. These include the content mastery and psychological preparedness, factors that influence the mood and attitude of students. Inadequately prepared students are likely to be tense and panicked during exams. Similarly, learners who are not mentally ready for an exam might incur anxiety attacks, resulting in confusion and ultimately, failure. This happens, despite being well-informed on the expected course materials. Self or peer administered mock exams can help students to revise for an impending test as well as get accustomed to the examination environment. Consequently, performance is improved through increased academic and psychological readiness.

Embrace Strategic Peer Studying

Many people are aware of group learning techniques. Such knowledge is based on studies that have proven the benefits of teamwork, especially in academics where best performers assist those who lag. However, not all study groups are productive. Static study teams might be useful for a single subject where members complement each other but result in unproductivity in all other disciplines where participants have little to offer each other. Hence, the key to unlocking study groups for enhanced exam performance is adopting strategic and dynamic short-term teams, which are suitable for specific lessons or topics. The objective is to achieve an optimal combination of individuals who complement one another, leading to holistic improvement.

Personal Study Planning

The preparation phase of examinations is arguably the most significant for students. The ability to excel in one’s studies relies on their mastery of all course concepts. However, it is natural for learners to experience inconsistencies in comprehending study materials. In this case, students are well versed with some elements while struggling with others in different subjects. Students must work towards bridging their shortcomings while retaining their competencies for improved performance. Personal study planning entails strategically allocating revision time to topics or subjects based on their level of need. The most challenging areas are awarded more time, studied in conducive environments, and students are more receptive of external help to gain a better understanding. Such arrangements are aimed at establishing proportionality in studying by manipulating resources, effort, and environment. In contrast, relatively cheap concepts can be rehearsed in standard circumstances since students have an advanced comprehension of them. Such a systematic approach seeks to avoid the traditional blanket mode of reading where learners failed to identify obstacles and mitigate them.

Deal with your Anxieties

Exams exert significant psychological pressure on students who undergo mixed emotions regarding their confidence. Students usually question their readiness; revisiting studied concepts hastily to enhance memorization. However, such tensions interfere with the mental health of students, and recollection can be impeded by such stress. Hence, students must work on their psychological wellbeing before and during exams. Students must understand that it is impossible to be 100% prepared before tests. Mental calmness will help you to not only remember content well but also think logically and creatively during exams, thus, enhancing performance.

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