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First Time to Host a College Party, Here’s What You Have to Do

So you are about to host your first college party. Congratulations! But of course, we understand that it can be nerve-racking considering that you want it to be perfect. Here’s the deal though. No party is perfect – ever, so don’t pressure yourself too much. However, you also need to prepare. 

Luckily, we’ve mastered the art of hosting college parties. We had our own share of successful ones and those that we’d rather forget. So without further ado, here are the things you need to do if you plan to throw a college party. 

Set the Date and Time

First of all, you have to find the perfect time to schedule your college party. Check your school calendar, and make sure there’s no important event that will happen on that same day. 

While it is possible to have an ‘instant’ party that you can whip up in a few hours, you’d rather host one where can be fully prepared. Give yourself a lead time to buy necessary party items, to come up with an invitation, and to think about logistics. 

By the way, we recommend that you ask a willing friend to help you organize the party. Things will be so much easier when you are working together.  

Start Inviting Your Friends 

Now is the time to come up with an invitation. Digital ones can do the trick, so you don’t have to print it out. Send it over their emails or through social media, and you are all good. While it is not a common practice, you can encourage them to message you in advance if they will go to the party. That way, you can already estimate the number of guests and prepare accordingly. 

Also, include the dress code. This is not required because we’ve attended parties where we just wore our plain top and jeans. However, it’s also nice to give your party that additional flavor. Trust us, some college students look forward to dressing up. Give this chance to them. 

Don’t forget to extend your invitations to your neighbor, or at least inform them that you are having a party. This is a good tactic to manage their expectations, and they won’t be surprised if people start coming over to your place. 

Prepare Extra Snacks and Drinks 

A party could be a huge flop if you ran out of drinks and snacks. Ensure that you have more than enough for your guests. And if there are unexpected people coming over, it’s always good to find a pizza place that can deliver even during the later hours. Keep their numbers at hand just in case you need to call them up. 

If you do not have enough budget for the food and beverages, you can encourage your invitees to BYOB. Add that into your invitation, and you will be surprised how much your guests would be bringing. The usual party-goers are generous! 

Have Some Fun Games 

With all the stress caused by studying, your party should be all-out fun. You can come up with excellent games such as lifesize Jenga or the classic beer pong. 

Move Your Furniture  

You wouldn’t want to have a party where people cannot comfortably move around, would you? So in that case, make sure you move your furniture around. If there are rooms that are restricted, you lock it. And label your bathrooms properly.

Since you’ve already made your home or venue spacious, add some touches to set up the mood. If you have a theme, follow that as well. 

No one wants to party where the lights are too bright. Dollar stores have a lot of lighting options, and it wouldn’t hurt if you have a quick run and get your hands over some.  

Don’t Forget Your First Aid Kit

Of course, no one wants to get hurt while having a party. But it is somehow normal to have bumps or small cuts, most especially if you had too much to drink. Make sure you have a first aid kit, and an ice bag just in case someone needs it. Plus, always have your phone charged to full battery and add the emergency numbers on speed dials  

At the end of the day, what’s important is that you enjoy the party. But even so, you have to be responsible. You need to take accountability, and you must ensure that everyone is safe and could go home in one piece. 

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