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Finding the Right University Clubs and Organizations

Other students aim to get the best GPA in college. While that’s a good objective, you must remember that university life is not confined within the grades you get. But instead, it’s all about genuine learnings and experiences. Having said that, instead of hyper-focusing on getting grades, why don’t you create a balance by joining groups, clubs, or organizations. 

Do you think these are just a waste of time? Do you think joining clubs is useless and will not help you achieve your goals? 

Think again. 

If you join a number of clubs, you also reap several benefits. For one, it’s a good venue for networking. They also have contact in different businesses and you can use that when looking for work. 

Another thing is you can get support from your clubs. More often than not, the members tend to become real friends. And so that’s a good way to make yourself feel at home around the campus. 

Also, your group activities and events can foster personal development and other skills. Think about leadership skills and even stress management. These things are crucial when you start working in the real world and are not learned from textbooks. 

So the question now is, how can you choose the right clubs for you? If you want to learn more, read this brief post. 

Attend the Club Fair

This is pretty obvious but most university students do not attend club fairs. It’s beneficial if you check it out because you can personally talk to its leaders and members. That way, you can have a glimpse of their mission, culture, and values. 

If there are brochures available, get a copy. Most likely they have their website and social media accounts written in there. Have a quick search online to get more information. Look for reviews and past achievements.  

Do Not Commit Just Yet 

If you are invited to attend a meeting and you have the spare time, give it a shot. It’s always a great idea to meet other members and to have an actual feel of how they do things. Do not commit just yet if you are unsure. Take this opportunity to reach out to different people as well. 

Select Only the Best Clubs Based on Your Judgement 

There’s no need to join all the clubs even if it will look good on your resume. The important thing is the value you’d get from the clubs you join. You have to sit down, assess yourself, see what you are passionate about, and what organizations are aligned with your mission and vision. There’s no need to rush for now.  

Remember, do not join a group out of peer pressure. Even if all your friends are joining a particular club, that doesn’t mean you should get yourself involved too. After all, we have different interests, hobbies, and goals. You have to know what’s yours and respect theirs as well. 

Some experts say that you should join one or two clubs. But there’s no hard and fast rule for this. If you can still manage multiple organizations and be able to commit, then you are good to go. 

Create Your Own Organization

If there are no specific groups that are interesting for you, then maybe it is about time that you create one. Now, this is not an easy task and you need to allot time and effort. However, it’s going to be worth it. Plus, do not expect that your club will have many members at the onset. Proper marketing and networking are also important.  

Make your college life even more meaningful by not limiting yourself to studying your subjects. You can learn more if you allow yourself to find a group that you are passionate about. So start scouting for one or two and create a good study-life rhythm. 

By the way, it doesn’t matter if you have previous experiences or are exposed to the activities of the club. You can join if you want to start learning something new as well. There’s no need to be intimidated. 

However, this is not saying that you are mandated to join groups. You can still get social by attending events and conferences. It’s really up to you if you can still manage it. So just do what works for you and enjoy the university life.

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