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Find The Right College Dormitory

We hate to break this to you, but there is no such thing as the perfect college dormitory. But this is not to say that you won’t be able to find the most appropriate accommodation for your needs. This depends on your preference. What could be suitable for others might not sit well with you. So at the onset, you must set criteria when looking for the right college dormitory. If you don’t know where to start, we have a quick guide that can help you. 

Identify Your Budget 

Obviously, the first thing you have to consider is the cost of the dormitory. Is it going to be within your budget? However, you should not focus on the price tag alone. You will soon find out why as you read along. 

Proximity to Your Campus and Other Establishments 

The core reason why you are going to rent a dorm is to be close to your university. It will make little sense if you get accommodation where you need to spend several hours on the road and endure traffic. While generally, off-campus dormitories or farther apartments are cheaper, you also have to think about the additional costs for transportation. Let’s not forget the convenience. 

Think about it. What if you have late night school works? What if you need to go back and get something? How about taking a quick power nap during your short breaks? These little things matter. 

The Room’s Layout and Size  

More often than not, dorm rooms are small. And you should manage your expectations at the onset. Check out some of the rooms and see if you are comfortable with the size and even the layout. Consider that you will be sharing the space with a stranger, but you still need to have a sense of privacy. See if you can add temporary division, at least. But if you are good with cramp living, then any size should do you good.

Some students would rather have an en suite. For health and hygienic purposes, of course, this is advisable. However, others are fine with using common bathrooms as well. Again, this boils down to what you are comfortable with. If you have a spare budget to buy cleaning supplies, then having an en suite, should work just fine.

Number of Roommates

In most cases, you will share a room with one person. But other dormitories allow more people to share the space. You have to determine your level of tolerance. You will have different class schedules, and apparently you have to work with different personalities. See if you can live in this setup because your sanity is also important.     

Common Areas and Amenities 

Aside from your bedroom, take a look around at the common areas and amenities. Do they have a lounge where people can socialize? Do they have a study area where you can focus more? Do they provide internet connection? Perhaps, check if the kitchen will allow you to cook your meals or if they could prepare it for you. The laundry area is another great point as well. These are pretty much basic, but not all dormitories can provide everything. So you have gauge your priorities as well. 

The Environment and Community 

The surroundings must also be included in your criteria. Of course, we want a dormitory that has a friendly-vibe. Fortunately, it’s easy to tell if this is the case once you do your ocular inspection. However, we do understand that other students, most especially the foreign ones, do not have the liberty to visit the dormitory first. Thus, they do all the transaction online. In that case, check online reviews or try to connect with someone who’s already residing in the area. That way, you can evaluate if it is the right college dormitory for you. 

Free Parking    

While this is not exactly a primary concern, other students require parking. See if there are available spaces where you can park safely. Otherwise, you might need to pay extra. And again, this will entail cost. Go back to your budget and see if it’s ideal. 


Lastly, is the dorm safe? We are not just talking about the neighbouring areas, but the dormitory itself. Do they have a secure lock system in place? See if they have CCTVs within the area and if these are working. 

Just so you know, dormitories could be a target for thieves simply because there are a lot of gadgets such as laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. If you can have a small safe within your room, that’s even better.

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